Small Drone Soars Over NYC Before Crashing

The helicopter drone crash landed just a few feet from a businessman during rush hour.
2:39 | 10/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Small Drone Soars Over NYC Before Crashing
Drone a remote controlled helicopter crashed onto a sidewalk below nearly hitting a man. We first posted the video at seven -- this afternoon and it's already been viewed and shared. Thousands of times. -- investigators Jim hopper is here with the story again. The drone a small but the FAA says it should not have been flying hundreds of feet above a crowded Manhattan sidewalk. The businessman who almost took a direct hit from the unmanned device recovered its video card from the debris and then contacted us. That video from the crashed drone shows -- taking off from a high rice terrace in midtown Manhattan. -- evening rush out and the -- thousands of New Yorkers are heading home unaware that twenty to thirty stories above them. A small three pound radio controlled helicopter with a camera. He's flying overhead choosing something for them personal enjoyment over any of the consequences a financial analyst contacted us -- the drone crash landed just -- away from it's walking home Monday near Grand Central station he asked that we not identify. What were you thinking my first thought was. Someone's done something very reckless to drones camera records video of some of the city's most iconic buildings the Chrysler. -- -- -- -- It's clear though the operator is inexperienced as he loses control the unmanned aircraft several times. -- to get into high prices. The flight three to 400 feet above midtown last about three minutes before it strikes the quarter of the building. And crashes to the street below this businessman. My feet. They've made an active decision to fly something that they don't have control over obviously. Truth about trying to sitting the most -- on the day. We've learned that drove these called the phantom plot cop because of its -- plastic relatively. It can be bought on the Internet for under 500 dollars although small the FADA considers it an unmanned aircraft system. A spokeswoman tells us quote we do not currently permit the operation of unmanned aircraft over congested areas like Manhattan. The people who -- are clearly identifiable on the video and the businessman called police showed them the video which identifies the operator. Despite seeing something that's saying something. He says. Police did not -- I got a sense that they knew it was something out of the ordinary but didn't know how to handle. The NYPD says they are now investigating this incident to see whether reckless endangerment. -- --

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{"id":20451368,"title":"Small Drone Soars Over NYC Before Crashing","duration":"2:39","description":"The helicopter drone crash landed just a few feet from a businessman during rush hour.","url":"/US/video/small-drone-soars-nyc-crashing-20451368","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}