Smelly Church Stinks to Heaven

Tennessee church cancels services because of crude oil, sewage odor.
1:42 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for Smelly Church Stinks to Heaven
Employees a David -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Follett have had to take special precautions against the smell three of his him police believe they became ill due to the fumes lets not -- away everything today He this is doctor with a twelve has gotten worse than crude oil fumes are still very strong mr. -- -- law office. Especially here in the basement. The teams are strongest right here in the bathroom. The teams have also shut down services at the first Baptist Church next door. Grace white helps clean the church adult -- with a -- CN but I don't know that -- how -- are -- The accidental mixture of crude oil in sewage happened during work on the T -- bridge project in front of the high school. The fall utility officials initially said it would be gone in two days. They also said the odor was harmless. It's for someone to go on the air that they did last Thursday -- -- the city you'll fallen that this was harmless. Was -- at their worst the most irresponsible thing that you could do where they didn't simply do not know what they were talking about. Act conceal filling my throat. Food -- -- I -- a headache nausea. And dizziness deal whenever -- here working and it's just it's really concerning. Three gallons of the mixture has -- sit to find out exactly what's in it. Utility workers have also put it -- a large white pipes to try to filter some of the -- out. I'm not letting -- go until we find out and we hold those who -- did this accountable. In the state of Tennessee is a primary responsibility because it's -- project. And they won't investigate themselves it will -- Josh all six days.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Tennessee church cancels services because of crude oil, sewage odor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14731907","title":"Smelly Church Stinks to Heaven","url":"/US/video/smelly-church-stinks-to-high-heaven-14731907"}