Are We Actually Getting More Snow Than Before?

Rob Marciano revisits the January snow storm that shut down major New England cities.
3:20 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Are We Actually Getting More Snow Than Before?
It's the extreme weather in America and it affects our lives every day especially during winter and 2015. Has been an incredible year for battering snowstorms I have seen the snow literally pile up in new York and New England. So are we seeing more snow now than in the past while overall not really but it eleven Boston you could argue yes. Three of the top six snowfalls in Boston have occurred in the last twenty years in the blizzard of 2015. It's right on the list didn't. Prepare for something worse than we have seen before the warnings were cleared for extreme snowfall. Hurricane force winds it should not be taken lightly traveled down with the entire state police remain home and remain homeless. In January the East Coast. Compared to what somewhere calling a potentially historic blizzard buried the East Coast from nearly domain fifteen million Americans in the lining up for supplies and clearing store shelves. New York City halting the entire subway system. Connecticut and Massachusetts ordering everyone off the road and the biggest brought you out on a night like tonight flight. Traffic traffic cops are on the road. And when they should be. Call almost two tons of this shift in fighting container full. And miles of impassable roads left those brave enough you finding alternate routes where he added. Office got to be kept me braving the blizzard and justice. You feel about the court today for buffalo. Posted three feet of snow in some areas of New England. It's downright painful to be outside the wind is blowing the snow sideways visibility in time. Dropping down to zero it's going to be an ongoing battle against this loser all day long today and through tonight Mara back. Lawson has shut down not just for today but for tomorrow as well. Cape Cod. Saw homes but it winds near freezing water and winds of nearly fifty miles per hour. Sea walls crumbling and power knock down thousands these homes encrusted in snow and sea ice. Well while Boston guy like this. Thursday third. Car in their somewhere below. Philadelphia escaped with barely a dusting that's not after yet. Well you. Two had three. Oh what happened. As the storm was zeroing in on New York City attract just too Far East meaning 120 million in the New York metropolitan area were mostly spared. Only miles away on Long Island people we're digging out from nearly two feet of snow. As New England began today gab we've had Stephanie turner juggling for hours to try to get her car down at some point Wall Street everything it. I getting through this. So we decided to Abraham. A. Not a bad news is many okay got a little. I was happy to help her out the you know shoveling snow is really no jobs there over 141000 medical emergencies related to shell and don't every year. So take it slow Astra help because you know it's backbreaking work especially when you're dealing with two or three feet of it and now you know where to go for help his right here and available act.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Rob Marciano revisits the January snow storm that shut down major New England cities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29564695","title":"Are We Actually Getting More Snow Than Before?","url":"/US/video/snow--29564695"}