Snow Globe Starts House Fire

Sun's rays were magnified by the globe, burning Ken Gambell's couch.
1:26 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Snow Globe Starts House Fire
You have to kind of scratch your head this 11 of all you needed just the right amount and -- in. Well -- it's hard to come by in the Portland winter so today we're gonna use this light as a stand it. But yes the right amount of -- that's all it took the turn to snow -- -- -- -- -- -- It was the city of Portland snow globe that current -- house then -- -- that -- there in the middle it came close to costing can gamble is half. It did cost him his couch that captured was sitting next to the window and that snow globe caught the sunlight just right. Snow globe focus the light like we were able to do with their camera like here. But Saturday it was hot -- -- -- the couch caught fire. Can wasn't home but his neighbor thankfully called nine -- one just in time can can laugh about it now but he had no idea this could happen. Apparently when the sun came out for the fifteen minutes it showed this year. It hit this globe and created like a magnifying glass effect on the back of the -- The -- start a fire and survivor with winds. And candor but I prefer -- my house looks -- blue. The bad news is that after all a lot of really good Sunday mornings with a couch well it has to go -- to damage to keep around. But -- says it this is the worst of it. Now he'll take it because he's a pretty lucky -- -- still having -- home. Reporting in Milwaukee and recently he --

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{"id":15970262,"title":"Snow Globe Starts House Fire","duration":"1:26","description":"Sun's rays were magnified by the globe, burning Ken Gambell's couch.","url":"/US/video/snow-globe-starts-oregon-house-fire-15970262","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}