Snowboarding event goes back to nature

ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung looks at the new downhill freestyle snowboarding event “The Natural Selection Tour,” which is captivating viewers by taking on the natural elements.
4:08 | 04/17/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snowboarding event goes back to nature
For snowboarders it's all about who can catch the biggest air or pull off the best trick but a new event is adding a component long forgotten to most. Nature. Caylee hard time has more. Helmet cam view from saint Scott's number one of America's elite snowboarders. Don't worry she's not lost he's taking part in an event this captivated the snowboarding world. We call it. The natural selection. What makes him unique all we're doing is. Mimicking. The incredible. Things that we aren't in the wilderness in the mountains and back country. Travis writes is the founder of the selection toward a series. Featuring what happened to. Define John. And. Mother nature and character and while snowboarding this opens the temple of our events. Being able to up level the conversation. Being pad and action sports and adventure sports around a relationship. With the the nature of the outdoors each other. Sustainability. Responsibility. From all of these are things that could be better put into. Conversation. It's a relationship rice was born into the Jackson Hole Wyoming native learned to ski shortly after he could walk. Thanks to his parents. My mom let me ask these reforms to comment Darren was Detroit here's are some resort and so distant quite a lot of time. In the mountains ends a grateful for the time when he was twelve he discovered snowboarding the minute that I. Actually felt. A turn and connected one turn into another. You know promising us kind of Morton. Yeah in 2001 it just eighteen years old he caught the eyes of a film producer and traveled to Alaska to shoot his first movie transcendence. He did this start ESP n.'s X games winning two gold medalist and cementing his place as one of the fat. He's not filming or competing he's always looking for that next to venture. Sue in 2006 rice had an idea we'd. Kind of conversations. Myself and few friends of mine near Jackson. What something right. What later became the natural selection what it would. This reddish national world king and in news I think the overall. Sentiments. From most writers retain you know this is specimen ever anonymous matters to change it up. We also learned a lot I wouldn't want some vendors would. Started as a one also thing 2008 soon blossomed into three event too country tour. Featuring some of the best snowboarders in the world's but they have to be ready for anything. The beauty is abandonment but there are no practice no practice runs it really draws upon the live experience of the I mean literally. Urban street reading writing transitions. I. Slope style of jumping tricks. Writing Powell. Being able to know how to draw a line. In the back country. All of these horror movie to consumes us. Think ultimately the writers just excel the most of this event are the ones who probably the most gold. Annually up from his friends and peers has been overwhelming and bring either part of our our aviation. Truly onions from hundreds of conversations. With writers that I America tuned respects around the world. That this thing hands shaking itself. Into what it is today healing are telling ABC news Los Angeles and oh yeah.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung looks at the new downhill freestyle snowboarding event “The Natural Selection Tour,” which is captivating viewers by taking on the natural elements.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77128802","title":"Snowboarding event goes back to nature","url":"/US/video/snowboarding-event-back-nature-77128802"}