Soldier Amputee Returns Home to Parade

Staff Sgt. Travis Mills served as grand marshal in his Michigan hometown's parade.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for Soldier Amputee Returns Home to Parade
It's it's not hard to to keep posit that you have that much love and and -- and showed them. And Thursday evening. Downtown advanced it was. People cheering on their hometown soldier. -- Sargent Travis males of the 82 airborne lost part of his arms and legs in April while serving in Afghanistan. But just four months later. He brought it back to I was -- of forming its -- You know and now on -- walk in and in. -- -- and. And Thursday evening he served as grand Marshal for -- homecoming parade. As all this support. -- Something more special and more heroic than any other. Person out there that puts on the uniform goes overseas and as a country and desperately need to do you. The community is twelve feet bears soldier -- Evening -- missing the big deal with the you know -- community come together and support them. Youth there won't won't and -- role prying them. We -- do their proud to have someone some courageous and strong come from air. Demi on the roads I -- that -- are driving you know in. And just go about my day as if as -- you know I'm -- like I was before.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Staff Sgt. Travis Mills served as grand marshal in his Michigan hometown's parade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17405937","title":"Soldier Amputee Returns Home to Parade","url":"/US/video/soldier-amputee-returns-home-to-parade-17405937"}