Soldiers Surprise Families on Return Home

Emotional reunions for military families across the United States.
1:43 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Soldiers Surprise Families on Return Home
From California. -- Florida -- And Texas. This is a holiday season military families around the country will not forget. It's it's hard to describe that feeling of being reunited with your child after so long. The surprise homecoming skin began to look very similar. Each one has its own story and a motion. In Reno Nevada first grader Cody was speechless as he watched his mom walked through his school's doors after being away for nearly a year it's very difficult to be separated from Cody but at the same time -- lot of pride in what I do. I hear her -- In Fairfield California staff Sargent -- Randall -- home on leave from Afghanistan long enough to surprise his wife and four year old daughter and her dance recital. -- -- rule he says he won't spend time shopping for Christmas he just wants to be with his family. But after his third tour in Iraq this homecoming in Pennsylvania was extra special thanks to the end of the war in Iraq army pilot Chris Sager at a second surprise for his -- Are you saying I'm -- -- And in Kentucky there were no surprises these families were expecting their loved ones but the thrill was still the same. Giving a whole new meaning to the lyric all I want for Christmas is -- you. Alex Stone ABC news.

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{"id":15209067,"title":"Soldiers Surprise Families on Return Home","duration":"1:43","description":"Emotional reunions for military families across the United States.","url":"/US/video/soldiers-surprise-families-return-home-15209067","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}