Son Charged for Theft of Father?s Corpse

Vincent Bright of Detroit, M.I. stole father's dead body in hopes to resurrect him.
1:32 | 01/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Son Charged for Theft of Father?s Corpse
I think you can see it's. 48 year old Vincent Wright was charged with one count does internment of a dead body back to -- -- offense. I think it's it's it's an unusual case for anybody that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even right public defender says the -- it's strange. His quiet shown here right at camouflage structure is accused -- stealing his 93 year old father's casket and her remains from the descending cemetery Monday. The next -- police located the -- casket but it was anti. Nobody. Hours later -- -- in a freezer and bright house on Detroit's east side sources say bright wanted to resurrect his father. If they didn't make mental health issues that need to be addressed to ask about -- sit high so let the -- community. Going about what even prosecutors requested the magistrate set the bond at 75000. Dollars cash or surety. Side -- attorney Colin bond high. His client is classified as a third offense -- thunder but his attorney says those charges were for low level -- back in the eighties. Due -- his record. Yes I think probably because of the high publicity in this case. And the allegations of the facts or little. A little strange. Bright is expected to be back in court on January 24. Another man was taken into custody it is seeing him as bright but has not been charged in the case from 36 district -- -- -- -- seven action news.

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{"id":18259265,"title":"Son Charged for Theft of Father?s Corpse","duration":"1:32","description":"Vincent Bright of Detroit, M.I. stole father's dead body in hopes to resurrect him.","url":"/US/video/son-charged-theft-fathers-corpse-18259265","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}