Son Wants to Evict 98-Year-Old Mom

Peter Kantorowski sends eviction notice to mom who signed home over to him.
2:04 | 02/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Son Wants to Evict 98-Year-Old Mom
I'm Mary -- around -- 98 birthday she got an eviction notice from her oldest son Peter. Our group and you -- She sat -- with -- -- her home where she and her late husband John at raise their family two sons. Now she has two great great grandchildren. Her second son Jack is not going along with his brother. I just don't understand him at all. What's happening and maybe we'll work on business -- Jack says he lives nearby in checks on his mother nearly every day there are neighbors and friends and visiting nurse from Bridgeport hospital. The courts have now gotten involved in evaluation was done Mary was deemed to be competent and the judge assigned attorney Richard borderline as a voluntary conserve water. -- practice from a long time and it's been seeing a lot of nasty things and this is you know he's he's really make the top ten list. They -- -- still pays -- bills for their Social Security money but technically the house is under Peter's name his parents signed it over to -- years ago. We found Peter at his home in trumbull. What kind of content eviction notice that his mother -- -- I don't like the way she's living over there. Peter haven't actually seen his mother in eight months he says she has fallen a few times and he's worried about her safety and security. All information matters in the here aren't out of more accurately your mother eight month. Well there's I can't get into the house they don't have to key. It's serious I'm serious I don't have heat he tells us she belongs and nursing. And at her age of 98 I'm sure that she should be. Let people of her peers. He should have her meals on time but he have to actually found a nursing home made any plans for her at all. When pressed he said his mother can come live with him. I'm natural around street a daily feud that will now have to be settled in corpus. Check this out here. -- -- I'll settle the issue. Friends.

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{"id":15726390,"title":"Son Wants to Evict 98-Year-Old Mom","duration":"2:04","description":"Peter Kantorowski sends eviction notice to mom who signed home over to him.","url":"/US/video/son-wants-to-evict-98-year-old-mom-15726390","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}