South Dakota Father Delivers Son on Bathroom Floor

The hospital sent Stephanie Ihnen home because she wasn't ready for delivery.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for South Dakota Father Delivers Son on Bathroom Floor
Tiny finger precious itty bitty nose and sweet little lips. The camera in Enid is entry into the world was anything but normal or humor. No. Does that -- in had been having contractions all day Tuesday. But the hospital said she wasn't dilated enough for delivery. But early this morning baby Cameron had other ideas. And my oh boy a hearing gowns she goes. Babies -- Let my normal self aware than there throws going -- -- is -- -- he wanted to do. -- Helton hits and drowning call 911. And then did awesome he picked up from man. Josh helped bring Cameron into the world right here in the couple's bathroom. At that time he was scared. All for won their miracle corners around his neck. He came out why and -- -- any color. It was a real -- law -- I I was street canal. A 911 operator I'm Josh through the delivery -- -- -- the umbilical cord with a shoe lace from his work but it. I'm it wasn't sure if he wanted to be in the delivery grilled instead of stepping out he's stepped -- actually delivered in. He's now considering himself a hero. I do I mean because you know if -- -- froze who knows what could happen. Comfortably settled in the hospital Stephanie and Josh are counting their blessing. This one of the most amazing things. And I couldn't be happier -- -- amazing boys into thinks that -- respect.

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{"id":17021396,"title":"South Dakota Father Delivers Son on Bathroom Floor","duration":"3:00","description":"The hospital sent Stephanie Ihnen home because she wasn't ready for delivery.","url":"/US/video/south-dakota-father-delivers-son-bathroom-floor-hospital-17021396","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}