South Georgia farmer Bill Brim on the government shutdown

Brim says he supports Trump and shutting down the government to get a border wall, but wants the stalemate to end.
6:35 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for South Georgia farmer Bill Brim on the government shutdown
Well really. Not a whole lot and I and our operation. Would Prodi's we don't depend only helplessly as an office to do a lot of things but we do with cotton pianist which we grow Wellesley. Right now the other closed down shut down a weekend report. We moved our reporting dated January the fifth day in court on the that put himself now but. I think did don't we way that it hearse front houses and trying to get out. Appointments that we we are have acquired for what we do have a form. Oh. Are. Oh yeah definitely hurting not from the shut down from the hurricane Marco we've got farmers. We don't know where that would they would be you go back and and they lost all structured everything else it's just real hard to decide. Who's going be able go back who not right now the biographers don't even. We are we're hoping this or relief money you'll come back to this four Marco. And all were running easily the cotton that we've got acres and acres and acres thousands of acres of cotton that have not been harsh biblical justice. After Michael Vick is running every week since since then. And some of the ground that we that we can't get in part this is a first week. This week that they've been they were harvesting cotton says. With a tea probably. And oh certainly hurt she you know you wanna go in and you gotta pay rent from U farm and if you're gonna foreign if you use it aren't you able to form Asia should play. You got to pay your rent to your. To tenants. You've got to be about four love you got be able to get all your crop prepared to do their thing that you need to do newbies. It really forgo an across the slot relate in plastic and another dealer we're getting ready right now to grow another crop. And fortunately we have enough well armed both players there that are providing us there. Anywhere without credit line that we would we have them and then you know taking it in the use it to our benefit right now we don't we wait no in the fullest to come back yeah. I'm me. Live if discordant how photo we get into the crop before that happens. You know I just. I really can't understand why they they did this yet the president from wanted. The border wall built an acquisition related bills like the Democrats should yet and they voted 43 times. Already to have to do the war wall but it wasn't there I'd do this yes and that it trumpet live up his. Expectations of his election cam plane flew. I think that the Democrats have collective fault but this is the president days. It. Child. With a farmers would we always control. In we never we we have people tell us what price and only we have people tell us when to deliver whatever we have today to. So we used it to be and not only cutting edge of everything we we won't be. And we won't know what we getting for our prices and everything but. Especially in the Prodi's industry it's a day to day pricing situation right now so that's what I do and I do my sales. I'm calling my customers on play and hey this is what the markets doing today. And he'll say it like it but keep memorial so whoever might be a program may be at Wal-Mart made via. If somebody else in. But they're there out there and they're out to make money just like farmers are so they're they're trying to buy it cheaper than anybody else can buy they are they'll have the right. Stock items in their stores and achieve a Protestant. Of could opposition. It. Oh. Well. Obviously a need for the war wall I think it's important that we build werewolves I use a lot of migrant labor. Here my form of 750 people at times is certain times of the year. And mine are eight to lay aberrant in legally so hope that the that the border wall doesn't calls us to have closed down the borders that we can't you know people here award. That we do it legally and you know we've done it legally since 1997. We were the first people in the state to do go to H two a program go Wii news it. They welcomed you know labored in the next year if we didn't. Which is due right thing and go ahead and do day to approach this a lot more cumbersome. Is hard to do it hard to manage. Real call flee for a lot more costly than the room would not my competition and the road use and using illegals. I'd like follows the mill plain Plainfield without his right. Oh. Yeah like it is I think it is an Iran and whatever cult justice if borrowers. Dealing with the problem. I think we need leadership and we need to wall. We need to be able to control people income and are sorry our country. And how do you feel like there's a lot of other people company and other than just our laborers that can in the work. Reflect our labors I work hard for they do a good job. But you know the ones are not here call from problems in drugs and they're going up we need to stop that. If they. I. Will. If things to me that the Democrats are really concerned about of the dead thing to me the hell bent on Puerto Rico right now. Won't be so I don't think they're really concerned about fun to work would the president by the president went to work with them. But I don't think they're wanting to do there is the way the briefly at different ways sure certainly but. I just think did they should it's their job. They get that what they need to do take that money away from the congressman and senators. And not paid the on this date and see how they can go back to work in if their job to come to a conclusion. For the best interest of the people of the United States. And they're not doing that right now.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"Brim says he supports Trump and shutting down the government to get a border wall, but wants the stalemate to end.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60394844","title":"South Georgia farmer Bill Brim on the government shutdown","url":"/US/video/south-georgia-farmer-bill-brim-government-shutdown-60394844"}