Southern California residents clean up after devastating mudslides

ABC News' Olivia Smith is on the scene as one victim goes through her totaled car.
13:38 | 01/13/18

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Transcript for Southern California residents clean up after devastating mudslides
Hi Libby is mixed here we're in Burbank where mudslides had in packed in this area earlier this week on Tuesday. Residence where it actually meeting on Tuesday in the mandatory evacuations were lifted today. And is he took a closer here this is Barbara and playing. And they lost their car in the mud slide Wendy this is your heart practice practice. Know. That about what happens. Apart at the heart and heart and the low is meant Canada. That is rightly know if there are things. And as hard as part local three unfortunately. Disintegrated of the summit in waters some degree. So fast it just came over have been hurt. Kim down and Phillies and flipped my card on the street. Intel's humbled and smashed. The brim of mud and badges and also threatened to bring. Figure if you look at the top of the mountain over here in Irving and it. Brown picked up where they located will not other industries. On top and of the three and at higher up. Looking at the higher planes and the heartland is good honest and that is right around them my house and the like carry it down. All they've done it requires them on an island chemistry and show me your are a little healthy when it looked like our hands. It hasn't been around me not. And flash and mostly intact pills ions. And just isn't bouncing it was a car owners. And you know mobilized. The unions. I humility council over her and completely different oh absolutely hidden and it was like cars. Part. From a neighbor's losses truck and Patrick almost unrecognizable. Mary is open wrote a note my car and you know. Amazing how much damage as the power fifth power here and now is stuff that came down. Really has something like that ever happens here cargo floor of this card no. Coming up on long enough may have had other close an impasse appeared Eckhard the way. But not on this scale how does that work with insurance. There have comprehensive. It's covered and comprehensive as this there on. And they've been they've already deemed a just. Total losses they've been very helpful and trying to cover the damages and is someone else. I'm your mom lengthy. He tells a little bit more he's sad that it had impacting your family in the happy that the where you live again. Go there live there. I have hired hill and much like in boundary games yet another car they got was this small about a block. And men in that bad in other words of other cells that does that bunch of water came down all went. And then what about in 1980. It was a big budget came through here and we didn't know. That put it here and we were parked in the street in October 1 came down it was about a quarter mile it has come down this hour. And we knew from that experience has totaled that this would be. Everett how do they would love it here you can't. Happen in Burbank instantly instantly have. People have poor vehicle owners of the other yes but what Obama. Aggies became so they examined the damage that we are seeing I'll give you another view a wider view of the car here. The area. No OK show me that honor friends and he did not go. Over here. Well yeah. Who. In what some see the husband and ranches so what's your help going Feller at. The and then Carmen vying don't really. Exhibit a and the choice. Really it's another I really like this caused by my first one about my own money it was a myself and everything known. As life. As the car. But not with seven years old. Three and a half years. Mattingly. I'm so sorry again well we want or replace their cars and. We have a Beckett back to real life as possible. We have it we have something else is doing our house. Just witness if you will get luck thank you those sorry again. Kate that we are here in her bank. You at the green. That was hit with the mudslides again the mud rush. All the way down three years and residents in the area where ordered to leave their homes Tuesday after the greens on its slide. And not exactly scene has now been listed in who's still here. Cleaning up the mess that we're seeing now there are a variety of factors that lights this distraction. Wild fires all over Southern California. Had at. Hit the vegetation and not vegetation that is normally be able to fill up flood water is no longer here. Because of those fires that again authorities really pointing to the fires and the eyes forward and I live in Southern California. Drought is also another problem. As the heat your had been suffering brings years of drought. Laurie. Again seeing crews still here in the area cleaning. Good morning remain here in the morning. Venetian island the mudslides. In Southern California and specifically Dan Barber which was hit very hard as well you could only sign that information on Where the activity. Continue will be. An earlier. As well. Officials relief if video. Killing of three hit Mediaone and everything's free. My immediate full. He can count the driving firefighters boosted it. Showing it to me down the street. But again this evacuation orders have now been lifted. But still we are seeing all this died and the average water. Though I'd harks back up behind a bit of a ways down that way. To make my way here. The road having closed until earlier. When authorities lifted the evacuation. These people are now that in their home meaning. Look at have you back here and right now. Hi tech. I'm they ABC news. I'm sorry I'm eighty Dini is. He asked if he's question and or visit your home here it is I'm so sorry about what happens. I actually. They had very little damage. I've got bad. Big. They're not standing by. They actually help feel kind of night you know protected. The rest of the house. Getting. Watering new team lunch. I forget. There's one video that fifty. Shown where there's a hard driving down the street as the wall of water comes behind it. And you can see in at a video holding few you can see in the video of the water comes around. It hits this wall and deflects at all so. To did you have flown here on purpose for something like that don't let it just me luck we moved here. It's been pro. Here and I'm coming to realize. Everything on the street it's pretty. Two protect the houses on. Get him from getting flooded. When it conflicted. So. Your husband theme yeah OK yeah I mean compared polite like this. I won't constantly. Yeah defeat from the they've gotten. Might. Goes up and so on over. You know nothing went out there just looking around now though and seeing there are some other stone walls. The high ain't yeah. Well if you look here this this curb and Paul would occur but those are like a foot and half how life. And my wife and I woke up early Tuesday morning. And you could see the water would go to that office. Talk about these curves and even cresting over the top of this which is lying on all the moment here. She actually she woke up first and that the two cars that god watch. Saw them working that's three. The out self despite. Doesn't make. By all. It is something to think about but if you're gonna live in the mountains that's kinda the price you pay pay for that. You know flat land. This you know we have to deal with this but at the same time. Seat left the area code that yacht and it's very wise people say it will be here it's like living and be if you don't it. A lot of tradeoffs I want you think it'll take you to clean up that it is our friend that is in bad now with wait. It's from the lights on an item from your world and he wants to help group. And speaking and a temperature ointment that cure. The began different level. Impact here that we're seeing from home to home. My. And a lot of mud and don't. You feel cloak closer look to the street. The earlier this week. Eighteen to leave Mahinmi. In Southern California here its own any brain for about two V. So. Again and that officials thinking. If it had reigned longer. These could have been worse and it was just last month that Southern California was still impacted. By the wildfires. Again affecting that land after the vegetation. And making things like mud slides. A possibility. We're seeing a lot of people back now that the evacuation have been elected back here cleaning up their homes. Finding their cars. Figuring out where things are. And again for more information and as more information on scene of our browser which was greatly impacted as well. Goatee who are what's making for more information and thanks for watching I'm will be.

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{"duration":"13:38","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith is on the scene as one victim goes through her totaled car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52317694","title":"Southern California residents clean up after devastating mudslides","url":"/US/video/southern-california-residents-clean-devastating-mudslides-52317694"}