Special Counsel Mueller's office accuses Paul Manafort of lying

Special counsel's office says Manafort breached plea deal by lying to FBI and Mueller's office on multiple topics.
4:31 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for Special Counsel Mueller's office accuses Paul Manafort of lying
We have to get to that big news we need to talk about together from the special counsel this plane the day committee hearing words like trump and Mueller men aboard Russia they're getting thrown around. Everywhere but honestly it's a lot in. I had to go back this morning and look at the timeline and remind myself how we even got to this point so here's the deal the motor investigations all about collusion. And we're trying to find out if 2016 election now so far. That investigation. Has produced 32. Indictments and guilty plea look at that number. 32 batted is a significant and powerful numbered now the reason that today man affords at the center of all of this is that meant for had ties to pro Russia groups in the Ukraine as he was serving. As Trump's campaign manager now Mueller has. Already charged manna for and initially. Man of fort said that he would work with Muller or reduced sentence in their work with a special counsel to bring that sentence down but didn't. Motor came out and said that in fact manna for had actually been lying to him so. That's a quick cut taxes is up kind of to today's and now you bring in. Catherine because. Have been you're different you actually have been following all of this you Rivera at man affords trial I remember your instant reimpose standing out in front of that trial. Third day's. In the heat so I am sure this summer has been there a real surprised by what happened and I AM I mean. Nicaragua's the government's star witness her so this is a shocking development not so much that. The cooperation was falling apart we reported earlier this month that talks between man Thornton the man four and Moeller were breaking down Muller's team. I was frustrated by the lack of cooperation what's significant here and I'm Wallerstein is saying in this filing is that he lined that he's lying to the FBI that he lines in the special counsel on a number of subjects so when he agreed to this deal in August he pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy against the US in that deal included broad. Cooperation. Nothing was off the table so it's unclear and the singing if against. That man for house to Mueller is probe we know from our sources and are reporting that. Man fort has been asked about a number of topics including a trump associate Roger stand. The bottom line is we still don't know what those lies are but Wallerstein says that they will di tale all of those lies. In an upcoming filing and gave. How do you make a good point isn't the big question that people are wondering about now is. One Y nineteen lying about and also how does Muller know that he's Lyon and actually have at an approved a councilman alliant. A seems fairly significant it's extremely significant annual or have some other cooperating witnesses he was. Thousands and thousands of pages. Other evidence he couldn't present and it had something to some and a Ford and he said yes and he says well you know now I actually have this evidence that. A proves you relying but look at the bottom line here is that man affords legal team they're denying that he lied. Out on their saying that he was truthful four throughout this whole process that he could why operated they didn't offer any. Deet tails all of these flies out from and a forty will be interesting to see how his attorneys and come at a fort himself. Response about. I got and it's tough today at gas and what's in anyone's mind that alone someone you like me Paul man aboard but I'm curious you know world wondering now is a part in next Lieberman throwing around the term. Part in shopping do you think that's in the back of man for trying. Look I think it has been four about a year and how we raise the question. Often well the president pardon Paula in a fort will he pardon is for national security advisor Michael Flynn now. I remind you that on the day man fort was found guilty in August on this a tax invasion and bank fraud charges the president a tweed and saying -- four point refused to break and he called him a brazen because I'm getting into the presidents had I view this as a good thing or former campaign chairman isn't cooperating with smaller he's allegedly lying Mohler says he's lying in this probe that that the president. Calls a what China and I think it could be a hail Mary for Amanda for thinking look I avoided a second trial I avoided all the legal fees for the second trial. And now I'm not cooperating and maybe I can look out for that presidential pardon. Gotta thank you for being a friend that knows everything about Washington.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Special counsel's office says Manafort breached plea deal by lying to FBI and Mueller's office on multiple topics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59446461","title":"Special Counsel Mueller's office accuses Paul Manafort of lying","url":"/US/video/special-counsel-muellers-office-accuses-paul-manafort-lying-59446461"}