Special Prosecutor Requested in Missouri Teen Rape Case

Prosecutor Robert Rice has asked for an independent review into the alleged rape of Daisy Coleman.
3:24 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Special Prosecutor Requested in Missouri Teen Rape Case
On Tuesday October 15 2013. I watched a program on CNN. On that program the host interviewed. For state witnesses that were part of a sexual assault case and not -- -- -- in 2000 and well. Part of that interview the witnesses declared their willingness to cooperate. And testify in court on that case. And tell that time the witnesses never told me that there were willing to cooperate -- testify. After they invoked their Fifth Amendment right. In a deposition under -- In recent days that Kansas City Star published an article. That called into question the integrity of the criminal justice process in this case. The public trust in our criminal justice system must be upheld an old times that are -- Based on the witnesses willingness to testify or to uphold the public trust and -- criminal justice process. I have asked the court to appoint this -- prosecuting attorney. To conduct an independent. Review on the -- and determine whether to refile charges. The record is still close but what I -- is this is that their cooperation. Was not there. And at the end of the day I figure that this was going to become an issue. And so on the last things we did in this case was to do a deposition under -- that was recorded by a court reporter. But people presence. Turning. So that we could record under oath. That they -- in fact invoking their Fifth Amendment right to not testify. Knowing that by failing to testify that would force me to have to dismiss the case against the -- accused. I've got a deposition I just can't show -- they have because. It's a closed record I -- show you the page and the line number but unfortunately it is closed record and I cannot show that politics. I'm standing in front -- today. Honestly wishing I can -- each and -- one. The documents that just. Because then and there it would. Absolutely. This one plus it would be without a doubt you would know what I'm talking about I can't. Prohibited from doing. And there's a boxer mentality is -- trust me I just want to do it but I can't I hope you understand I understand what you're saying it. The records those that I cannot disclose. That. Thank you -- -- question I appreciate. The ability dancer it's absolutely crap. Mom's gone beyond. My name was dragged through the -- in that article and I don't appreciate. The assertion was made based off of rumor and I don't. Care one bit that I spent my entire life trying to work as hard as I came to do the right thing all the time and in some of them throw out a couple of baseless rumors. That makes everybody think economic growth and I'm telling you what that makes him -- it's not true never was true and thank you look at least --

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{"id":20599730,"title":"Special Prosecutor Requested in Missouri Teen Rape Case","duration":"3:24","description":"Prosecutor Robert Rice has asked for an independent review into the alleged rape of Daisy Coleman.","url":"/US/video/special-prosecutor-requested-missouri-teen-rape-case-20599730","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}