Louisiana Officials Give Details on Shooting That Killed Three Police Officers in Baton Rouge

Two other law enforcement officers are wounded after the shooting, and the gunman is dead.
25:20 | 07/17/16

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Transcript for Louisiana Officials Give Details on Shooting That Killed Three Police Officers in Baton Rouge
This is an ABC news special were. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming and they are now from the Clinton loves reading here in Cleveland sort of the Republican Convention but we're breaking it right now because of that police shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana earlier today. Three police officers killed three wounded in an attack on police and we're gonna show you right now are awaiting. Two statements coming from officials right now we're gonna see in Louisiana the governor John Bell Edwards along at Louisiana state police superintendent Mike Edmondson will be speaking. Followed by the president he said he will speak at 430. This afternoon about this appreciate him here with Pierre Thomas our senior justice correspondent. Pierre the second play shooting the last ten days eight police officers dead. Stunning disturbing I'm sure that law enforcement officials around the country are taking great causing concern will be seeing. We don't know yet if these officers were targeted but clearly. Officers are in the lot of fire we seen a 44%. Increase in the number of officers being shot in the line of duty and killed this year. And we are watching some video that scene in Louisiana earlier today. Officials have said that at least one suspect has been killed. They expect him more on the loose that is the scene of the briefing right there appear at what you're just making we already know that New York police have now been ordered. To walk in pairs no solo police officers. Detentions because of police related shootings involving people of color. Law enforcement has been concerned at fringe elements. Are going to attack police it was seeing that play out. Bulletins without last week warning law enforcement to be on the lookout for situations like this yet the convention we know that's been discussed in terms of security here. They very very tense moment. And if you continue to have this law enforcement officials have told me you can have anarchy just can't have officers being shot. And we expect to hear the president come out and speak on this is what Jon Karl our chief White House correspondent. If that residents in these put out is any indication we are going to see an angry president. Apps lives just five days ago George that he was in Dallas at the memorial for those five slain officers there. He talked about the frustrations that words. Do not have an impact on this is that statement that he put out earlier today. He said these are attacks on public servants on the rule of law and on civilized society and they have to stop in that he added this. We may not yet know the motives for this attack but I want to be clear there is no justification for violence against law enforcement known. These attacks are the works of cowards who speak for no one here in Cleveland Donald Trump expected to start the convention here tomorrow or any tweeting out. On this matter yeah it also making it clear that the first day's going to be about law and order we will hear about Baton Rouge and his statement. Via Twitter he said we are trying to fight crisis and now our own people are killing our police our country is divided in out of control. The world is watching. The world is watching and peer the world certainly watching Cleveland right now is as well as you eluded to extraordinary security situation in place right here as we keep our eye. And Louisiana. Thousands of officers here to help clean MTV to protect the conventions Secret Service leading the overall effort. I can tell you know effort is being appears you have cameras being deployed. Law enforcement all across this country but I see the press in the press conference about to start Louisiana officials there getting ready talk we're expecting to hear from the governor. The Louisiana state police superintendent Anthony said. Let's listen in and banners. Good afternoon a major Doug Cameron Louisiana state police. We're here today to give you an overview of what occurred today in matters Louisiana. Today with the set will be speaking will be. State police superintendent colonel Mike Edmondson he's gonna give a run down an overview of what we can provide one info we have available now. Following the colonel will be Spanish pair share of Sid good true to speak to his deputies that lost today. Followed by batters police chief Carl gravity who speak to his officers how we lost today. Followed by US attorney Walgreen will give a comment on home the federal perspective. Following are remarks by batters mayor kip Holden. And our governor John Bell Edwards we will not be taking questions that again we're gonna provide you everything that we know what to this point. So the briefing will conclude with governor edwards' remarks thank you. First off thank young for being among Carl Mike Edmondson super channel Louisiana state police. Are probably tell you sound we're getting phone calls from around the nation around the world. We won't need your prayers Baton Rouge is in need of those prayers right now so we thank you for those and and we want to know that we appreciate every single one of them. Hormone that sound. We're not gonna take question and this because it is an active is an. Ongoing investigation has got a lot of moving ports right now. With more places Louisiana state police is a lead eight season as with a gorgeous investigation itself. We'll be working very closely. With these vendors parish sheriff's office. And now and the banners pleased Foreman. From a local perspective and will be joined from all our federal partners as we work the meaning many leads. It's that is taking place right now we're gonna give you 1800 number for the public to have it removed as we move for. Me make something clear right now. You're getting a lot of information you're in your interview and a lot of people if it does not come from myself. The chief of police called cavity of the east Baton Rouge pair sure. I say goat show that does not come from these individuals we cannot confirm it is being factual. So just know that a problem to have another press conference tomorrow afternoon at 1 PM central standard time 1 PM more. We'll give you complete up days we have at a time but we won't allow. Our detectives and allow investigators. The crime scene is a very large crime scene. Wouldn't tell people in the Baton Rouge area if you do not need to be absolutely need to be in that area. Of airline howling NL Hammond how late. Please stay out of that area because going to be working at throughout the evening throughout the night as we work and that specifics. Please also that there is not an active. Shooter scenario in Baton Rouge no active scenario that involved the shooter in the city of baton route we do believe based on information that we had. Maginnis is ongoing we believe the parts and it shot and killed our officers. That he is a person that was shot and killed this thing so that we know right now. We do not believe or do we have any other shooter held up in any other area and in Baton Rouge area but understand this investigation. Has got a lot of moving parts and pieces will be moving on each one of those right now there's no active scenario shooting. Ushers and they're going on batteries I'll say this summer read if we don't make sure you get information that you have it is accurate. Today at approximately 8:40 AM. Several Louisiana law enforcement officers were shot near airline holly Cole ham and highway a call came into central dispatch. At the bat received pleas while Hussein there was a guy. Carrying a weapon carrying a rifle walking and that particular area an airline good without the information came to us. Multiple multiple officers were transported local hospitals for treatment. Today that three officers that died from injuries. Two in the Baton Rouge please inform and and one from the east Baton Rouge parish sheriff's warned. East Baton Rouge parish sheriff's deputy is in critical condition just got Bannister Saturday a short time ago the sheriff and achievements speak on those. Two additional officers suffered nonlife threatening. Wounds they are in stable condition at the hospital now. At approximately 8:40 AM. That route PDI officers and convenience store observe the individual he was wearing all black standing have beauty supply store. Holding a rifle. At approximately 8:42 AM reports received a shot Smart. At approximately 8:44 AM reports receipt of officers down on the scene. At 840. Who reports received of more shots being far. At 8:46 am reports receipt of the suspect again it was wearing all black standing air corps watched located right next to the convenience store. At 848 hour emergency EMS units ought to run obviously they were stage and I think it's thought. Approaching and getting the bodies that way at the scene to render first say. Officers engage is subject at that particular time and he ultimately got this thing that with offices that were responding to scene itself. State police and more plays he's respond to the scene attempt to secure the area and did an about possible potential suspects and further threats in the area. We in all worth asking the public looks they've saved it. We want you that if you see something that is suspicious. And you know what suspicious. Ordinary your particular area. Call your local please point you know that number. Call them to you number if you need more from us and we ask that he sees suspicious activity. And and you don't contact your local please point collar following number. It is 1800. Call half the 1800 call FB 180225. 32418022. 3241800. Olympia again. We do not have an active shooter scenario in the city of baton route. We are working investigation. That's going to Agassi mull multiple directions a lot of lead there were fallen on you can how was it public he sees something out of the ordinary. Please call us and again 1 PM press congress tomorrow afternoon and will completely update issue anything that's going on this. Thank you colonel. As Carl was just say we've had six officers shot today and he's Henry spares. Three of which are beverage. City police officers. Two what you deceased. One is still alive and chief deputy speaker that those who've been through and amend. We've had three and these average bear sheriff's deputies shot. One it is deceased 45 year old. One is in critical condition fighting for his life as we speak. 41 year old. And one had nonlife threaten. Entries she's in surgery now. He's 51 year ago. Each one of these individuals. Marry. Each one of these individuals have fame. We're grieving as law enforcement community and grieving for each other we grieve for a loss and group for families. We asked for your prayers. Not only trust like assay for the deputies with the families in the co workers. As law enforcement we orpheum. And we stand here together as you can say. But our number one priority is safety of our our community. The safety to people who live here the safety of law enforcement. We've activated these mutant we've got a fair association task force. As you can see behind me several law follow sheriffs are here. We won't assure you that we are who are who are having a coordinated effort. That is going forward to ensure that we continue to provide the services necessary to protect the citizens it is fair. We've God's help. We will get through this. To me. This is not so much. About gun control. As it is about what's in me and sports. And kill. We come together. As a nation. As a people. Q he'll as a people. If we don't do that in this man this continues. We will surely perish as a so I would just ask for your prayers and your support. We're all of the families of those that are involved here today and continue to pray. There's Paris this city this state in this nation. It's with a heavy heart. Because they are here today. As the others who served we've heard six officers shot. Today. Three of those officers would be our PD officers. Two were killed in the line of duty forms 41 years old. And has just under year of service. He goes 32 years old with ten years of service. Are warning nonlife threatening injury. Also was 41 years old his nine years of service. We would ask that. For prayers from this community. For our officers for families. For the failings there have been affected but today's senseless. Sensible shoes who went on this morning. Prayers for all law enforcement not just your PD before all of citizenship and currency that we stand united in this is a united front make no mistake about that. This is very united. Public safety remains our priority and we will continue to do our job in light of what's happened. We have several agencies from outsiders coming in to win support and help. Our officers have been depleted for the last 1214 days. So there are bears other agencies are coming in to help himself help us and back to sort out. And that is spurred this community safety. And sheriff's it we've activated shares task force. And it is a coordinated effort going forward. Will get through this as a fairly. We'll get through this as a community. Or all of mobile video system I support you every single one of them must and we viewed buster besides you. And weird word to get through this summer get through this together. This is not give this is Doug notorious this city or this department we're going to move forward thank you. This is indeed a tragic day for the city of effort. And we have to attorney journal the United States it myself I want to offer my condolences to the family as well as the officers that are involved in the shooting. I can promise you with the backing of the department of justice and attorney general all federal law enforcement assets that are needed will be given to this investigation. We will go wherever it takes us to conclude its investigation. I would tell you that our continued support route federal state and local law enforcement in this matter has been great we have agents from the ATF. They FBI. As well the United States Marshal services rose people in my office currently assisting with the investigation. We will continue to do so until justices are. Thank you. Me tell you what this is truly a sad day. In baton route as we now meet again behind senseless killings. We continue to asked a question. And continue to make the statement. Let peace prevail. In Baton Rouge in this parish. We must look at here. The president has acknowledged this violence and will you reiterate those things and about I think of around 33 hour attack. But again. The people that you see here today. Let me say unequivocally. The president has responded to the knees or Baton Rouge. Not all laid back. The agencies you see here. Help always been partners. With the state police. The sheriff's office and the city police. We're all one family. All seeking justice. All about people. As so let me thank the president. And also ms. Jarrett for their calls in the governor will elaborate. On the call he got also from the president. But we must say. That we ask you now. For your prayers. We also pray for those who were killed or injured today in the answered it wants to pay for their families. And be with them not only today. But in the future. There are I'll first responders. Now we players to them and their families that we will be their first responders. Who must strive everyday. To be one nation. On the guy. Indivisible. Liberty. And justice Paul. We thank offices. Will fallen in the line of duty. We pay for their families would pay for peace everywhere gutless. Well today has been a very tough day here in Baton Rouge and then Louisiana. And our country. An absolutely unspeakable pain this attack. Or law enforcement here in Baton Rouge claimed the lives of too bad routes police officers. When sheriff's deputy. And injured three other one of them today right now as we speak is absolutely fighting for his life. Is unjustified it's unjustifiable. The violence the hatred just has to stop. And it's at times like this I wish the commander of the use language that I have a more adequate to the past to convey the full range. Of emotions that I'm feeling. And to rest him on behalf of the state Louisiana. Earlier today I along with the mayor Holden and the law enforcement community here. Gather with the family members of the victims at the hospital. Want to tell you unspeakable tragedy. It's unspeakable. These men. Risking their lives to protect insurer. This community. We're taking out taken out the way that they wore. They are real life everyday heroes. As you've been told Barbara lemons and this is an ongoing investigation there are lot of moving parts multiple agencies. I want to reassure everyone here in Baton Rouge around the state that we are doing everything humanly possible. To make sure. That everyone is protected. Every reef resources going to be available. To be used for boring. These perpetrators. If there's more than won't to justice. And obviously it means federal state and local. Are you just heard from the US attorney from here in the middle district in Baton Rouge but we're being aided by the FBI. The ATF agencies as well. But also spoke with the present at a states a couple of hours ago who called to express on behalf of himself. And the First Lady but also. The people of the United States their condolences. Their best wishes obviously for those who entered Laurie full and speedy recovery. But also their prayers for the people here in Baton Rouge. And around the country. We have to do better. An attack on one Abbas is an attack on all of us. In the people. Who carried out this that. The individuals. They do not represent the people. Or the state of Louisiana. Or what's best about our country. They don't represent the values we stand apple. Obviously our community is hurting. And only through priest in unity can we heal and that's gonna take constructive dialogue. There simply is no place for more violence. That doesn't help anyone it doesn't further the conversation. It doesn't address any injustice perceived or real. It is just an injustice in and of itself. And we are not going to tolerate more hate and bombs tearing apart their communities and families. Of Louisiana. So as I did. Just a few days ago I'm inviting the people. Around the country two joined their prayers to mind. That our nation and our community here. Can heal that we can get past this and certainly pray. For the recovery of those officers. We were injured today but pray for all of their officers all of our options here in Baton Rouge and around the state and around the country and their family members. Do every day expose themselves. Two great risk of form simply so they can protect and serve as they have sworn to do. As you were told by Carl Levinson we are not going to take questions. At this point there will be another briefing press briefing tomorrow. At 1 o'clock. And we will then a big you all with any additional information did together between. Now and then. So I want to thank you for covering this. Press conference. And again asked everyone but to join with the folks of Louisiana in solidarity. So that as a nation we can deal. We can get past this and we can be what we're supposed to be in the United States of America. Because we're not there today. Question. Louisiana governor wrapping up a press statement there from police officials in Louisiana. On that shooting in Baton Rouge saying they need the prayers. The country right now a lot of information. In that press conference is one number here their senior just correspondent Peter comes this all unfolded between 84850. AM Baton Rouge time. Confirmed that three officers are killed confirm that three officers have been wounded also said no longer an act of shooting situation the suspect is dead. One man doing the killing today they believe that is contained to this. Particular shooting was done by just one individual but clearly they're looking at associates and they don't want to give others in the innovative information. And also clear that they don't wanna talk about motive yet until they can be definitive into the why that was but this was done. Becomes gets a backed up so George just violence in this country America has a killing. And we look at violence in this country from June 24 through July 4 Lebanese period. We found that 509. People were shot to death. In the eleventh victory 1000. So police are operating in a very dangerous and buy it. Bullets are flying everywhere and that's part of what we're seeing play out front again all the issued to him. And it's never created unrest all across the Kashmir John Carlos were waiting for the president were to come back when he speaks but one of the ironies here. President's first African American president elect to beckon to fascinate we have a new poll out this morning showing most Americans believe the race relations have gotten worse and he's now. Every single day having to come out and talk about these killings. Yeah he's spoken our town hall about how it's as if did deepest fault lines and democracy have suddenly been exposed and it even widened. That poll you mentioned. Showed that a clear majority think that relational issues are bad and getting worse but was also fascinating is 83%. Mean virtually FT party. Saying that the next president should make a major focus on improving racial issues again quite an irony coming after two terms of our first African American press. And Brian Ross outside. The reading here in Cleve and as we look at the footage of that shooting earlier today in Louisiana. Great concern here especially. Because of this open carry law. Here in the state of Ohio who had police earlier today petitioned the governor saying is there any way to suspended during the convention. That's right the police union asked governor casing if you could suspend those rules his that is not. Possible for him to suspend the rules of the US constitution or state law. But around the country now police are taking extra precautions in new York and Boston. Officers have been ordered to patrol only in pairs no more single patrols at all in those two major cities. And people I've talked to are in law enforcement say. They can't recall a time in the last thirty or forty years but there's been this kind of sense of apprehension by police on patrol George. So much tension throughout the country we take a quick break right now expect to hear from the president in the next few minutes flee back when he comes into the White House briefing. This. Has been a special.

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