'Speed Freak Killer' Found Dead

Parolee Loren Herzog, 46, was found dead inside a California trailer.
1:40 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for 'Speed Freak Killer' Found Dead
Sentenced to nearly eighty years for participating in three murders or her -- -- actual time served was just a fraction. An appeals court ruling he was denied an attorney during interrogations. Her dog was on parole and nearly completely free but is now dead apparently from suicide white -- -- I have no idea because he's a garden and he's he was always -- -- and and guards don't kill themselves. John Vander Heiden is hardly disappointed her dog is gone he -- Sherman time convicted of killing since -- -- and two other people. It's edited that have to justices that. The other half will be when -- measurements times. But -- body has never been found the man who put hers -- Sherman Tynan president is concerned that information may never come I'm. Really disappointed he's -- tell you the truth I just think he took with him -- answers that we needed the families needed. He knew there was a report of as many as eighteen of nineteen. People that seems to murder. And so it was felt down the road we might get some information. That chance of commitments -- slipping away. But John Vander -- sees it differently with hers are gone and -- sign on death row. He's hoping someone with information will now feel it's safe to offer some answers. He's also about 100% convinced the man found dead and -- her dogs trailer is actually -- her dog you're not convinced because. He's he's beat the system once he's beat the system a couple of times and -- he got away with. Murder he actually got away with murder.

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{"id":15385203,"title":"'Speed Freak Killer' Found Dead","duration":"1:40","description":"Parolee Loren Herzog, 46, was found dead inside a California trailer.","url":"/US/video/speed-freak-killer-loren-herzog-found-dead-15385203","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}