Sperm Bike Rides Around Seattle

Custom-made bicycle transports samples from sperm banks to fertility clinics.
1:36 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sperm Bike Rides Around Seattle
When Angelo Allard suits up for a bike ride He knows he'll be turning -- It was too atlas and -- And then I'd noticed what atlas that may be. Custom made nearly ten feet long about 120 pounds when fully loaded big enough to have people running to get out the way it's the sperm. It's -- lot of homeless people -- stopping -- where's that what's going you know good -- from a -- its intentions though the bikes mission is to move samples from the Seattle's farmland near university village to reproductive sinners in fertility clinics in the -- -- area. Each one of these vials containing sperm samples that are considered -- for once in the nation's precious cargo that could soon become a baby transport on the front of the bicycle and a tank. Lined with liquid nitrogen. The -- -- spike is meant to be Green friendly copied after a sister company's efforts in Copenhagen. But it can be such a hole in Seattle's hilly streets this two Wheeler has a small motor to give it a boost but the sperm jumped. Wherever -- rides constant doubled. -- -- -- -- -- -- Monica are off lot of miles from the -- down. -- -- -- -- firm -- can become an effective marketing tool in a different way maybe getting some guys out there to consider making a donation. Who would never thought about it before. Good corporate -- -- -- -- for a while but the need is increasing dramatically just for fertility rates are plummeting. You have a harder time consuming -- were waiting longer to have children the Seattle sperm bank says it -- sixty dollars for each viable sample something else that might get a few passers by thinking. In Seattle railing for most mornings.

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{"id":14825697,"title":"Sperm Bike Rides Around Seattle","duration":"1:36","description":"Custom-made bicycle transports samples from sperm banks to fertility clinics.","url":"/US/video/sperm-bike-rides-seattle-14825697","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}