Spring break shutdown

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on how his city is handling the surge in coronavirus cases.
2:39 | 03/23/20

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Transcript for Spring break shutdown
Concert goers were not ready to face the music after Miami's ultra music festival originally scheduled for this past weekend. Was canceled due to current concerns related to corona virus just one of many events that will be put on hold. As a city navigates this national crisis in here to update us on how Miami is handling the response is mayor Francis Suarez and mayor I wanna begin though with the fact the EU have also contracted to run a virus covet nineteen. And I want your one of the first out publicly elected officials to we that we know to contracted how are you doing today. Well frankly I'm closing every second week. Diagnosed possible corona virus nineteen as a thankfully it seems a garment 80% category that are experienced mild symptoms. That's good and I Anderson you're gonna be retested soon deceive you can get back to work outside of your. Confinement. That's right followed her beat most conservatives he's barometer retested today and hopefully to renege and you're just against -- aren't only was certainly wishing you the best on that we want to talk about your city Miami actually canceled the ultra music fassel as we mentioned. And some of the city's bigger events early on in the first week of march. And you actually took some heat for doing so what factored into that decision and I'm assuming your very happy you made that decision now. Imagine you're a sort 150000. People come from a 105. Different countries it got a little vessel. Was 250000. People congregating. In a shorter time I spoke to a variety of Beers to our country and I just thought there was the most prudent thing to do and obviously now it's it's clear everything. It was a right decision. What is a little frustrating. Is that spring breakers. All that weren't as a welcome people of Miami stay home our spring breakers to. Go home now we understand it working closely with Miami Dade County officials. To protect your city from the virus and that does include also shutting down boat ramps. And marina as did some of these decisions come too late into spring break. If you're assured me how to make decisions earlier obviously solid all truck. And with Iowa tribunal's decision two weeks ago to try to regrets about this some are officials locally said there were opened for business. I'm anything duck created a little bit. These swell people we saw are crowding our beaches we did he discipline drugs riches because. But he's the issue is our first responders earners is our doctors and hospitals. That cat and we'll get overwhelmed as the in other parts of the country and other parts of the. Asian all right important advice indeed mayor Francis for as we are wishing you a speedy recovery thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you for a.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on how his city is handling the surge in coronavirus cases. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69750360","title":"Spring break shutdown","url":"/US/video/spring-break-shutdown-69750360"}