Staff Removed From L.A. Elementary School

Allegations of sexual abuse lead to the removal of Miramonte's entire staff.
1:40 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Staff Removed From L.A. Elementary School
-- elementary school is closed today and tomorrow but some parents an angry community members came by -- start -- memorial. The alleged victims of the sex abuse scandal. Staff and faculty at Fairmont they did come to school only to clean up and -- their classrooms. Superintendent John date these as a new group of employees will be Fairmont elementary school. While the old staff take part in an administrative review an official investigation. We intended to do every -- That is every adult who put that school -- the teacher or an administrator. Only today on -- school playground worker or a custodian. Or a secretary I mean anything -- solitary adult. Who works at -- -- The investigation revolves around two teachers -- arrested accused of sexually abusing students at the school. The first teacher arrested 61 year old mark -- is charged with committing lewd acts on 23 children. Ages six to ten years of age authorities say he blindfolded the student and that -- his semen -- part of the eighteen game. Along with the news staff -- -- -- psychiatric social workers will be in every classroom to help staff and students. Deal with the sex abuse scandal but some parents say this isn't enough. Not thinking we're status act as an inevitable that -- -- tennis I. Not that -- that -- helped anything let Arafat's just because the staff this from a different school doesn't mean the children are sick. They did this think they and they've still got Monday that -- -- What -- different now you know actually trust them.

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{"id":15534299,"title":"Staff Removed From L.A. Elementary School","duration":"1:40","description":"Allegations of sexual abuse lead to the removal of Miramonte's entire staff.","url":"/US/video/staff-removed-la-elementary-school-15534299","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}