Former Soldier, Future Filmmaker

Former Army Ranger Hank Hughes aspires to be a filmmaker.
4:20 | 07/31/12

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Transcript for Former Soldier, Future Filmmaker
I'm Bob Woodruff for ABC news and over the next several months it's part of our standing up for heroes program. I'll be showing you an extraordinary. Group of people. Veterans of -- wars in Iraq and Afghanistan returning to civilian life. Hundreds of thousands of them are looking for jobs and careers. Our goal is to connect them with managers. Leaders in their fields sharing their time their knowledge their expertise. With veterans so that they can find the kind of work that they well. The very first soldier will be meeting is Henri Hank Hughes and army ranger who served two deployments in Afghanistan. -- -- 173. Airborne. -- aspires to a career in the film industry. I met with -- to learn more about his journey from leading troops to leading actors and film crews. And -- tell him who has very special Mansur will be. What was. Like to be fighting the war. You've been training to do this for very long time and I felt like now I can -- me. Play -- came up in parks and pork and what did you see in terms of violence. There were times in the first deployment where Tom. You know we're mortar -- shots were fired -- -- but it wasn't like. Oh I see somebody at that shooting them or exceed what's going on here is very disorienting in the way. It wasn't until the second one where I can actually identified were being shot like that window over there war that was a bullet just equipment -- year. Did you have any fear. Fear that I would make a mistake not fear that I would get hurt. What's -- -- want to get back here now to the -- the civilian world of the US sent threatening. Seen different parts the world and a war. It's one of those things you don't think it's much. Different at first. I was my experience. Felt like -- -- home that's fine I've done this before. But. You find yourself with more isolated. Than you've ever been. In the past. For me like five years do you still feel Iceland there are some time on in the first few months. When I moved to Los Angeles righteous felt as -- -- does that feel very alone should be told. You know here a lot about employment certainly is one of the big issues now try to get jobs and careers -- those of you come back from the wars of people having a tough transition. Because when he returned home and kind of -- at a time machine where -- moved on this kind of also remind you of interest now for your next career which is different than that many up is that -- -- at -- fortune at -- to make movies for very long time and so I've always kind of had a at a pretty detective work -- next. Six. What moment wasn't used one. As -- high school choice that I really enjoyed this idea of making something. With a bunch of people together and in being able to show -- this is what we've done. We've -- -- say about you wanted to get in this world I think my parents are more excited about the fact that I'm just home pursuing -- dream. Not going back to him honestly we have not told you -- and Lehman three I have no idea. RM a time agreement is -- the -- -- -- What do you think George Lucas is he going to be it means when the best teacher he's one of the greatest fertility of our time the source markets. Have you not aware of -- nine and in not aspire to be like that -- to meet that person going. Give or expect some like this -- -- -- I've known. This is all this. -- -- It's an incredible. Now -- next step is to travel to northern California this Skywalker Ranch where George Lucas and -- experts from Lucas film. We'll talk to -- about writing filmmaking animation sound and visual effects. You can watch it in our next segment. Of standing up here.

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{"id":16897309,"title":"Former Soldier, Future Filmmaker","duration":"4:20","description":"Former Army Ranger Hank Hughes aspires to be a filmmaker.","url":"/US/video/standing-heroes-soldier-future-filmmaker-16897309","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}