Stars walk Billboard Music Awards red carpet

ABC News' Frank Elaridi chats with stars on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.
3:07 | 05/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars walk Billboard Music Awards red carpet
Hey guys I'm regular meeting here at the 2018 billboard music awards in Las Vegas and any moment now the sword will be walking down this red carpet and we're gonna give you a look. An elderly are we are seeing this. It's it's travels he always in his former. This night he not I have some great moments CNN. Any feeling when things go live partying talent. Just imagine the days ago. Any easy. That's fun I'm excited it is it is Communist. Because that's on its own way so nests. We're talking about that need to be talked about. We're here for disputes and army insists he's in the book that. Let's keep innings as the running last year and has snowed here. There are seen as it shaking and I turned into Celine Dion and watching every lightning it was crazy. President and hopefully judge we did you remember now because it's obviously not stated he would like. Watching you on this measles or any last you know yeah season. An accurate signal and raise them. On the diseases they say it's a retirement next may. Now have a lot of bacon yeah. Patty designing and I think you out of all the fans here at blue. Woods defeat yet. We're definitely. Like I don't commencing. Performances like more powerful. Everything he would want to take you all your fans. God it's gone I have regained. Because I mean what's. Whose car. Deluxe album in twenty years ago with the likes to now be here before meeting with solid. It's amazing when you know we were so on. Pain minus. On the night is a little girl talent is an amazing thing. Snow. Yeah. And speaking of gulf power and all of that unemployment without anything I unemployed. That is today and will loser lonely tonight. Matters female rappers treatments are its and it isn't honored. To be back with embolden. Yeah. Going to be crazy Britney and Vegas residency at any rate here is one where they replant military. Built Obama. Yeah. Little some some cats. Of them becomes animated moment LA. We can't even. Like when we're really getting this as oh my it. If that's when he available at this game and I did the limits that it is I'm regular media and you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"ABC News' Frank Elaridi chats with stars on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55328877","title":"Stars walk Billboard Music Awards red carpet","url":"/US/video/stars-walk-billboard-music-awards-red-carpet-55328877"}