State of Emergency in Ferguson After Violent Night of Protests

Officials in Saint Louis County, Missouri declare a state of emergency following a night of violent protests on the anniversary of Michael Brown's death. ABC News' Kendis Gibson and ABC News Contributor Ray Kelly contribute.
12:33 | 08/10/15

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Transcript for State of Emergency in Ferguson After Violent Night of Protests
Right now a state of emergency in Ferguson a violent night of protests marking the one year anniversary of Michael Brown's death. He's all too familiar scenes of rioting and looting playing out on the streets there officials saying no more. Saint Louis county police force now in charge. Hello untie Hernandez in New York ABC's Kenneth Gibson is in Ferguson Missouri forest following a crowd of protesters and that's. Hi this is being called a day of Civil Disobedience if the greater Saint Louis area. Folks that you see here behind me are part of a protest taking. Here dozens of people calling for dozens of course this protest coming just hours after what was. By late night throughout the Saint Louis area and throughout Ferguson for that matter specifically. The gunshots ringing out after a gun battle involving tube groups up to sixty shots firing. In less than 45 seconds one of the suspects involved in that unit were told by police ended up. Running away from the scene. Cops tried to chase after had. Once they found him behind a business in Ferguson they think gunfire wit and that suspect we're told he's eighteen years old was allegedly carrying a nine millimeter semi automatic weapon that was. Stolen from somewhere else in Missouri in the meantime authorities say it is a sort of protest that they're hoping for the route the day. Peaceful type of protest and they're hoping that tonight there's no more violence in Ferguson Todd. And joining us now ABC news contributor and former new York city police commissioner Ray Kelly good to see you can. Did you its entire. On the one hand we have police who have a good sense that there may be violence during these protests at night on the other hand have protesters saying police shouldn't have been in riot gear that that in itself. Created a sort of backlash I don't think police hand. The situation going to have a right a situation that's what this right equipment is for I know there were reports of rocks being thrown. And though there police officers again according to reports. Who was stations in front of us stores they had to leave those stations. Because debris was being thrown at them so. And my way of thinking is that's what this equipment is war and there were only responding to the conditions that they encountered. He is there are certain policy among some police commissioners to hold back on officers and right skier. Until they are needed in terms of lessening hostility between that the crowd in and police. You know it's a judgment call you have to use intelligence you have to use. Past experience. You have to. Use what the demonstrators are saying there they're going to do this no hard and fast rule common sense obviously you want to prevail. But. This type of equipment is there to protect please offices when these conditions a rise which apparently. They did last night. The irony is after the Department of Justice review this case they found that there was. No fault in terms of the shooting of Michael Brown get beyond uncovered a whole host of other problems in Ferguson that there was a systemic. Bias against African Americans and that the police department was a part of that hot the police department come back from this and regain the trust. Where you make a very interesting point. The factor that. Darren Wilson was in in essence totally exonerated by the justices vote but it didn't come until six months after the event. Took place and if you think about it. One of them primary reason for that is the fact that. Ferguson the city of Ferguson or mechanic Saint Louis did not get immediate information out as to what happened on that date Michael Brown were shot. At noon and his body lean mystery from four and half hours and no. Really official statement was made four until the the next day so the de facto spokesperson became Michael Brown's companion. Who told a scenario that simply turned out and not to be true. So. Give Darren Wilson. After the examination probably deserves my whole more exposure to the fact that he was exonerated and he got the Justice Department put on a report. On March 4 and and sort of commingled that report. With pull all of the bad practices that the city of Peru's. Was engaged but there's a lots of things that I think are moving forward in Ferguson a lot more that. That has to be done obviously have to focus on minority recruitment. You have a city that int when he is turned from certain 5% white. To almost 70%. African American and yet the police department didn't reflect that doesn't Silva the reflected and you need that to sort of aggressive. Pro active recruiting to address and it's under way. And I I've I believe that cameras you think about it cameras would have. Gone so trip took a long way in explaining what happens is to the public so. I was an issue Lou a little hesitant about. Moving forward at such a rapid pace with the terms of change my point is I think. The cameras would have. Serve the public wouldn't services. Darren Wilson. Wealth effect you February so there's lots of things that need to be changed and I think you're you're moving forward. Then take awhile and you think cameras her helpful in these situations now as a general rule for officers to Wear them. Yeah I mean to logistics of an arsenal ability keeping all of the Simpson purchases when you turn and when you turn of who has access is and to make. These are ovary complex of problems with know. Easy answers like this in fact the the officer was wearing a camera I think it obviously that is a lot of a lot of clarity to the situation and in my opinion. With the cameras you'll see much more good work on a part of whose offices and inappropriate content. This case it really launched. So much attention and focus so much attention on. The relationship between the police and communities that they serve and we've seen the video after video in the in the wake of Michael Brown shooting death. A different instances across the country how do you watch that. Play out across the you're given your experience as it as a police commissioner what are your thoughts and what are your thoughts then. Well. These videos a very disturbing no question are particularly if shooting of Walter Scott the murder. Well wolf Scott by the police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina that was absolutely. Horrendous from my oval forty years and law enforcement I know that these types of incidents are miniscule. In number but of course. If this tremendous damage to reputation of police of people's. Belief in the pleased to hold crossed factor. Is on the monitor it takes a lot of introspection going on lot of soul searching going on by the part of police chiefs. Toward America. The police have done in my opinion. A terrific job in reducing crime across the country. In the last two decades martyr please technology being used. An in a very effective way. But these types of incidents can. Undermine. The public's confidence in the please you know that tremendous in the wolf of Scott. Alone murder was really suspicious confirms a lot of people's minds because. Not only did you see either shooting. Any doing it somewhat casual manner. But peaceful of the office it appears to be planting evidence and taking these order on an app that'll come to. The four and eight in a trial so it's tough to overcome. Typos. Video. An evidence. So it it it is. Getting public. Approval working closely with the police is always a stroke as dated. Because. Of the nature of please. Please by definition do things that people like me a rest people. They give out traffic summonses they use force is sometimes used deadly force to them there is have been loses somebody's killed in the another jurisdiction -- they used to go in and notify the film and that's the place. Unlike so many of those a public service. So it's always a struggle. And you're always going to have tensions and but you have to work. That every day it's a it in the end I think that professions become a lot more complex a lot more demanding. And I think we have to do a better job of selecting those who who can go into the professional police. You know we CDs videos but they are in fact rare in terms of these shootings a shooting of Walter Scott for example but. What about the argument in terms of you know the CPR BC on the police cursor courtesy professionalism respect. A lot of people in the wake of these incidents say it's more a matter of how the police treat. Members of the African American community. Hiding how do you deal with and yup. Training. Obviously and a lot of religious attitudes but I also think as a said before. The selection of people week it please all of this is tremendous power. They are government the point of the spear. The people's that we give to literally the power of of life or death. But we don't require. College degrees and all of a very few. Departments throughout the country yet we require a college degree for your Bakalar to be for virtually every teacher. In America that your I was become much more demanding but for conflict I think we also. Have to look at how we screen. Applicants one of the things that I've been. Talking about is the whole. Issue of bullying you know if someone has been bully. Or someone is a bully of them impact on them when all of a sudden we're going on his side and an advantage or punish her. We don't know what truck so I think those instruments. Ideally would be developed is to do a much deeper dives that we're doing now and we're doing now as far as applicants. And coming to please concern. Is there a culture that needs to be overcome with analog within police departments as you've seen a culture of toughness rather than defusing the situation. Well. You know when I was in the please again it was recruitment many years ago. He was training about the escalating a situation and that they're training he's been out therefore. From many many years but also you know the police band together and the the element of danger. That's it all face and again and it varies from location location but the reason home. And danger. Of course is pleased to two vons together two two. Stand together and that's very understandable it's like that and as other professions as well. Eight you need a certain. Level of confidence you can't walk away from every situation that's not what. The public inspection to do with the thought of the we painful if there's a large disorderly situation please limit. Respondent. Sort of Miller at the situation but it probably needs to be arrests and a lot of those situations and there's no Marcus who queens very rules when you're arresting people in a lot of times. That kind of struggle is captured on companies iPhone and we'll see it on and YouTube for many many hits. You know to come. Without. Contact and a what what we're not showing what happened in the beginning or even without any. Explanatory narrative to a I want to thank you so much for joining us thinks he's contributed from a police commissioner Ray Kelly. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starting this story for exclusive updates on the go untie Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"12:33","description":"Officials in Saint Louis County, Missouri declare a state of emergency following a night of violent protests on the anniversary of Michael Brown's death. ABC News' Kendis Gibson and ABC News Contributor Ray Kelly contribute.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"32997772","title":"State of Emergency in Ferguson After Violent Night of Protests","url":"/US/video/state-emergency-ferguson-violent-night-protests-32997772"}