State of emergency in Louisville as charges possible over Breonna Taylor's death

The city braces for a grand jury decision after Taylor’s family settled a wrongful death lawsuit.
3:54 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for State of emergency in Louisville as charges possible over Breonna Taylor's death
And Louisville's police department has declared a state of emergency ahead of an expected decision on the Rihanna Taylor case. Taylor was shot and killed by police in her home in March sparking nationwide protests. Any day now the state attorney general is expected to announce whether four officers will be charged. As we learn more officers are now under investigation. ABC's Alex Phares is in Louisville with more. New this morning a total of six global metro police officers are now under disciplinary investigation in the shooting death of Rihanna Taylor the six include three officers were part of an ongoing criminal investigation as well as three other officers who were also involved in the raid. When the fatal search warrant was initiated the review could result in disciplinary action or even termination. Tomorrow. Transparency. We want the truth. Out of Taylor's day. Should not be swept under the road in any way. This news comes as a city way to separate announcement from Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron sometime this week on possible criminal charges against the officers. And city is now bracing for possible unrest. On Monday the police chief declaring a state of emergency canceling days off. And vacation requests to make more officers available it was back in March when the 26 through the MT was shot and killed by police. Executing a no knock search warrant in the middle of the night at home or apartment. Officers were looking for drugs that were not there. We aren't as boyfriend who told investigators he did not hear the cops announce themselves. Fired shots from his legally owned gun. An officer was injured. Announced Frist joins me now from Louisville Alice what's it like they're right now with this announcement pending. Pay day and there's definitely a sense of anxiety in the air officials here overnight announcing we're going to limits traffic intake into the downtown area or did take a look behind me here. You can see there are barricades here that are sort of blocking. Several of the main thoroughfares into the downtown square area and take a look a number of business isn't like this already had barricaded. Preparing for any possible decision in this case at this point as you heard me say just a few seconds ago it's unclear when exactly we'll find out but. Judging by all of this in judging by how authorities are warning the public to prepare it seems that it is minutes Diane. And Alex this decision that's expected it's a grand jury's decision how does that process work. Yeah then you know the local prosecutor here recuse himself and that's when the attorney general took over this case and as happens with many controversial cases a grand jury will decide whether. To charge these officers are not whether an indictment will be filed. And a grand jury requires a majority be not a unanimous decision. And also a grand jury it really it's kind of hard to pinpoint when exactly we'll hear that decision because. They can take as much time as they need to review evidence elicited testimony and then. Reach a decision so that's where it's out right now authorities it seemed to think that grand jury could be reaching a decision very soon. An ounce granite Taylor's Stanley also reached a settlement with the city and that wrongful death lawsuit and that settlement include a commitment to police reforms what's the latest on that. Yeah it was a record breaking of the settlements and Diane twelve million dollars and it included several police reforms. Including drug tests the random drug tests her police officers and also an incentive to get police officers to live in the global area but. We're gonna Taylor's family her mother has made it very clear that that money that settlement is not what they are after they say when they want to in this case is it just this. Perhaps that just this release a decision on it could happen very soon. Diane draft we'll wait and see Alex president of oak forest thanks Alex.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"The city braces for a grand jury decision after Taylor’s family settled a wrongful death lawsuit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73169740","title":"State of emergency in Louisville as charges possible over Breonna Taylor's death ","url":"/US/video/state-emergency-louisville-charges-breonna-taylors-death-73169740"}