State of emergency in Mississippi; major flooding forces hundreds out of their homes

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba expects the state’s worst flooding in over 30 years as the Pearl River in Jackson, Mississippi continues to rise.
5:37 | 02/18/20

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Transcript for State of emergency in Mississippi; major flooding forces hundreds out of their homes
Sad state of emergency in Mississippi as catastrophic floods force hundreds of people out of their homes. The pearl river in Jackson Mississippi has been rising and it's now close to its highest point in decades. The State's governor says he's expecting historic and unprecedented flooding. The worst the city has seen in over thirty years' several neighborhoods have already been evacuated and police are going door to door to try to get more people to leave. Let's get to ABC's Alex Perez was in Mississippi's capital. Tonight across parts of this general flood waters inundating hundreds of homes after relentless rounds of heavy rain in Mississippi's capital Jackson the pearl river cresting at just under 37 feet a level not seen here in nearly forty years looking to distance there against a car completely submerged. And of course the homes on the other side industry officials say as many as a thousand homes across the area. Have been damaged flooding and at the only danger in Tennessee this video from east of Memphis. Capturing a home sliding down the rain saturated banks of the Tennessee River one of two homes destroyed there over the weekend. This says Mississippi first responders went door to door as the waters that rose here. Using airboats to bring families to safety ago Warner plays and only ward of get through. Today we rode along as authorities searched one more time this is something that we heard above the rumbling. Keep your loved ones happening. Animal rescue groups helping save the Mets left behind. Got that through baby earlier to help you know shelters also taking in animals from families until they are able to return home. And outs pres joins me live now with more Alex you've been on the ground in Mississippi give us a sense of what you're seeing. Hey Dan you know this is one of those flood zones and that when in the neighborhood behind me residents who live here have been asked to. Evacuate this area because of the dangers you can see all of that water behind me here and what are people feeling here while they're not happy if you talk to a lot of people. Who have lived here for a long ties with the older residents they'll tell you they remember. 19791983. Big floods in those years but authorities here say it's been a long time since. Those floods since they've seen a flood like this and they want everyone to take it very very seriously because. Justice as little as six inches of water could create a lot of problems it could take someone's life if they're swept. Away so they want people to take it very very seriously saying it's no joke. But of course people here just want things to dry out so much rain in such little time. Really really frustrating after a while for people here and I'm sure Alex Perez forests from missed. To be Alex thanks. Let's get a closer look now at how these floods are impacting the people of the state joining me on the phone with more is the mayor Jackson Mississippi choke way and tell among. Mayor first we hope you and your family are saved can you tell us where things stand right now and how you're preparing for the next few days. Thank you Diane yet are currently at they've but I am concerned about president. At the opportunity to tour. Many of the affected area being the end of the damage. They are this it will return back but they're all all I'm issue which left. And so our response while we have been proactive in getting people out in making the announcement from early last week. Our response there be justice equally it has the rest as we go well. And what's advise for those who haven't been able to vacuumed and maybe can't now. Well put footnote that makes the opium property. All that pick could potentially be like aspect Arctic waters. I can't stress enough how serious they are the we don't take lightly acting to issue a mandatory evacuation. I'm even if those homes were not affected by the walkers in terms of their. Entering into the home picketed in essence lead them on an eyelid unable to get to be that they beat think that they need to. At medical emergency they would be stuck in imports are. First responders to rescue them from. From boats. Those most places and so. We encourage people to take this seriously and we encourage people not to return home to quickly. If people take vehicles or even a vote. Too soon downed it be affected areas indicate push floodwaters into people's own. Leaving houses that may not have been affected out the why. Creating thousands of dollars of damage into that opted to their well. Yes and releasing a sometimes in these situations these waters can come on pretty unexpectedly so. It's great advice and I'm also wondering mayor what can people who don't live in the state do to help. Well I think oh the coming weeks the recovery effort will be large. They are many people unfortunately that will not have let insurance. And Bart urged people who've been resource. And materials that help people often people leave their home with you know whatever they can take. But you have children who who need. We need you know art of the air the bam you have. Elderly people who need resource didn't go up under. Call on be that nation beat supportive parents and continue to speak Jack coney and being deportable one another and I'm grateful order. And our heart goes out to you and your family and your residence we hope you're all say if mayor choke way and tellem on the thank you so much for taking the time to join us today.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba expects the state’s worst flooding in over 30 years as the Pearl River in Jackson, Mississippi continues to rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69037638","title":"State of emergency in Mississippi; major flooding forces hundreds out of their homes","url":"/US/video/state-emergency-mississippi-major-flooding-forces-hundreds-homes-69037638"}