How states are handling the crisis

ABC News reporters across the nation explain the unique ways each state is handling the coronavirus pandemic without a federal mandate.
3:54 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for How states are handling the crisis
Back here at home there is no federal mandate meaning of course in states across the country are handling this crisis in their own unique ways. Our reporters across the nation explain. It would work in Los Angeles and watching. News live art pieces have. Sounds and we're just hearing sadness and officials that the death toll Kelly Moneyline has reason eleven. One of those deaths so as a person under the this is happening as mayor Eric Garcetti. Taking unprecedented steps to keep people away from each other. While they're encouraging sizzled social distancing they're also encouraging people to exercise and that means an arch rails. Have been times. When they are saying no more. He wants all appellate Chinese trails of the closeness of their taking measures like this. Where they are putting caution tape but in. Finance trail heads in the parking lot. And it falls right here but this park is closed until further notice they do not want people utilizing our trail systems here in LA county. And they are also starting to close the per month. And our beaches as well. Sure there are well expressed ABC news in Chicago so many people here just like the rest of the country still trying to adjust to what has. Become the new normal of the governor of Illinois A has issued a shelter in place or stay home order in until at least April. Seventh and so what that means is that a whole how to streets are. Hot deserted do you see a car or to drive by every now and then and that's just about it so there really is no Russia whole war which you would think what they. A relief but actually seems kind of eerie. I'm Steve doesn't Sami. In Atlanta suburban Atlanta actually. Here are the governor and the mayor aren't on. The same Hage the governor has resisted pressure to shut down the state except for essential services. The miracle and a took matters and girl her own hands yesterday. And essentially. Pretty much closed the city I was just at the grocery store and I tried to get some pictures. Without violating their rules. But one thing I do want to show you something I saw it was outside the grocery store it's sort of like a mini Hazmat suit. That and the grocery stores put outside the doors to the store was actually also pretty busy. Which sort of makes you wonder whether. You know some of these. Precautions. I really. Going to work. Victor okay endo in Miami one of the hardest hit cities in the state normally during the lunch hour this area here in south Lamy would be. Bustling we'd see. Busy streets the sidewalk to be packed but right now all nonessential businesses are closed. Restaurants are open but they can only do you take out so far governor run Desantis has not issued a statewide shut down. So he doesn't want to cause any unnecessary financial hardship. But he has ordered anyone coming into the state from new York New Jersey or Connecticut to self isolate. For fourteen days. The mayor of the city of Miami Frances Torres who did test positive for corona virus and went to self isolation. Here is called. Board emergency meeting to discuss a possible citywide shelter in place for now he is urging residents to stay at home. Unless they absolutely have to leave. People here in Dallas have been told to stay in their homes and businesses forced to close as this virus continues to spread already more than a 160 cases reported. Here in north Texas alone. And an official in Houston says hospitals there have seen an exponential increase in the number of patients being treated for cold mid nineteenth but amidst the anxiety and worry. There is real hope here that better days are ahead. We certainly hope so Marcus thank you all to all the reporters for that.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"ABC News reporters across the nation explain the unique ways each state is handling the coronavirus pandemic without a federal mandate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69783052","title":"How states are handling the crisis","url":"/US/video/states-handling-crisis-69783052"}