Stolen Scooter Leaves Man Stranded

Man who lives at an assisted living facility left keys in ignition not expecting to get robbed.
1:30 | 08/31/13

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Transcript for Stolen Scooter Leaves Man Stranded
But I like to play play golf and not like the bill fish and every so often when McCain and. Jerry Brit likes to stay busy few years ago his sister bought him a bright yellow hundred rockets to get around he can't drive -- never driven and he can't do the -- and that -- places he helps take care of his mother and lives with her at an assisted living facility. When he's not busy there. I work at work in the dining area. I take care both within and around the sugars and they. Salt and pepper he loves to ride his -- -- the train station in downtown Cary just watched trains come through Jerry lives very simple life he. It takes very. And not very much to make him happy and he's very peaceful hand. This little things that make him happy last Saturday he parked his scooter at the train station a busy day because of Carrey's lazy days festival. I was going to be there for like thirty minutes and you know until the train came through so when I stepped outside it was -- I was mad about that and sad about that because. But it would. But it was my own personal fault. You see Jerry left the keys in the scooter Jerry Ali's doesn't look at the negative side people he always. Looks at the positive side in his mind. Nobody would grab his -- but they did and now he hopes someone out there has seen it. They should know it does not belong to them they should. Realize that day they that the person and an inconvenience. Left him weapons -- -- --

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{"id":20127686,"title":"Stolen Scooter Leaves Man Stranded","duration":"1:30","description":"Man who lives at an assisted living facility left keys in ignition not expecting to get robbed.","url":"/US/video/stolen-scooter-leaves-man-stranded-20127686","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}