Storms move through Midwest, fire warnings in West

Tumultuous weather is expected to continue across much of the middle of the country after a weekend of heavy summer weather.
1:46 | 08/19/19

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Transcript for Storms move through Midwest, fire warnings in West
We begin with severe weather across the country and conditions will be heating up again today. Heat advisories have been issued across the northeast today with temperatures from Washington to Boston expected to be in the ninety's it will feel even warmer thanks to the humidity after. It storms could produce heavy rain and lightning while millions begin cleaning up from this weekend's weather. This morning severe storms leaving a trail of destruction from the midwest to the East Coast in Pennsylvania authorities say a tree hit by lightning crashed into a tent pavilion at a swim club injuring nine people including several children. When the tree fell. Everybody solders agreement. Karen looked because it was really heavy rain two adults and seven kids were triage at the scene and rushed to the hospital. Heavy winds also sent trees crashing down across North Carolina this weekend torrential rain is blamed for this fifty car pileup near Durham. In Kansas winds topping seventy miles an Howard he railed dozens of cars on this train. The storms also put on this dazzling display of lightning. The danger posed by that lightning is evident in this video from South Carolina where a man was just inches away from being hit. He says he could feel the shock. And that he's shaken but otherwise okay meanwhile in Chicago the weekend weather is blamed for more than 500 flight cancellations pro golfer Phil Mickelson was staying nearby when his hotel was struck by lightning sparking a fire in blowing out the chimney. Nichols in tweeting I was on top floor we were evacuated. And the places on fire the PGA champ was able to make his tee time later telling reporters his time in Illinois was electric. And back in Pennsylvania three victims from that tent collapse suffered injuries described as severe we'll take a closer look at today's forecast in less than.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"Tumultuous weather is expected to continue across much of the middle of the country after a weekend of heavy summer weather.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65052909","title":"Storms move through Midwest, fire warnings in West","url":"/US/video/storms-move-midwest-fire-warnings-west-65052909"}