Strip Club Lets Little League Play Ball

Lennox, Calif., can field team for another year thanks to strip club's donation.
1:58 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Strip Club Lets Little League Play Ball
Little League Baseball a staple of American -- more than two million kids experience every year. But an economically depressed community of -- Little League is on life support struggling even to pay the weekly field -- -- was -- 150 weekend. But now it's K it doubled to 300 for two days proposal Gary -- -- -- -- little presents. He says that long term Italy needs 65000. Dollars to build -- -- yeah. -- -- generate enough money to keep the league above water. But just to get this season under way the league needed more than that 85 dollars each little leaguer was paying 85 dollars is a lot. You know -- for this neighborhood Andrea Smith heads up the Lenox coordinating council recognizing the importance of Little League. She called around it was able to come up with 18100 dollars enough to save this season. So the -- gay men -- season started. Sounds like a whole run right talent wise until people -- out of that money came from. We donated 12100 dollars. James Wallace is also a member of the -- coordinating council. But -- 12100 dollars came as a donation from the company he works for which happens to -- Other businesses did step -- then and make donations to its floor very good it's. And as far as because we're -- strip club. I don't like -- really makes any difference. The Geary the league president says he had no idea of the coordinating council got the money from the -- for. And -- Geary says he's looking for a way to return it he says -- -- he Sheila. I'm pretty sure some parents are going to be can sit -- upset but a person that donated this money -- have a -- heart you know and that's not to say you know they went out of their way to give. 12100 dollars to kids that every meaning this community. And and they can be upset at that either. And so this season goes on America's pastime getting some help from a different kind of.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Lennox, Calif., can field team for another year thanks to strip club's donation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15909978","title":"Strip Club Lets Little League Play Ball","url":"/US/video/strip-club-donates-to-california-little-league-15909978"}