Strong Storms Wreak Havoc Across US

The East Coast took the brunt of the storms, leaving roads in D.C., Delaware and Pennsylvania flooded.
7:58 | 05/01/14

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Transcript for Strong Storms Wreak Havoc Across US
This is a special room. Rivers overflowing in the day after a soaking storms drench the East Coast scenes like this and Pennsylvania along this -- river. Trucks trying to get through in Virginia and this guy use in a kayak to get through old town Alexandria. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York where there is a lot of dry now to do and so many roads to avoid the same goes. For Washington DC were ABC's cared Travers is standing by Caron. Good afternoon Michelle after all that rain we actually have some -- here in Washington today it's hard to believe everybody was walking around yesterday like round Ratzinger rain -- rain jackets umbrellas we got soaked. I got a picture from my aunt who lives -- outside Wilmington Delaware they had several inches of rain yesterday. She has a fifteen year old yellow Volkswagen Beetle convertible the water on the car with up to the middle of the doors the car is -- the river overflowed that -- into her parking area and you're seeing pictures like that all up and down East Coast but the brunt of it seems to be in the DC merrily -- and Philadelphia region. Forget April showers. Last month ended in a soaker. From Florida to New York City the -- -- down in the bucket. And insane amount of -- my kids. Crazy -- -- more than others -- in my entire life swollen creeks flooded roads even this sinkhole in Baltimore. The world collapsed watches this card. Over into the button below. In Florida unthinkable rain some areas got a whopping 26. Inches yes more than two feet. Pensacola was hit with torrential downpours more than eleven inches of rain fell yesterday. Need to see the water keep rising just praying that it didn't kid all in the house. -- urge drivers to stay off the roads but -- didn't listen like this guy outside Philadelphia. And these are flooded roads in Northern Virginia watches some drivers still tried to make their way through. The worst of seeing a long time -- document macabre about. It also wet it's not effected the electric crews all over the mid Atlantic states were busy working to rescue motorists who got stuck in the high waters she came -- through here and hybrid. And swapped out. Top of course got a -- a dumb decision on her part. Yet no judgment -- my back I of course -- but the rain is finally over and the temperatures are gonna be about thirty degrees warmer here in Washington and they were yesterday it was in the forties yesterday. And we -- -- close to eighty degrees but of course there rivers the creeks and all the streams here in this area are still very swollen. And that means there is still a significant risk of more flooding Michelle Karen I know that you dried out but you're out there earlier -- shots and video on your cell -- walk us through what you're going to show lists miceli and to Rock Creek Park which runs straight through the middle of Washington DC and -- a path that on the weekend is packed with. Bikers and joggers and people with their kids in strollers. -- that I -- last year is on maternity leave and go out there with my daughter every day in her stroller -- -- nice long walk. There was a chunk of concrete they -- today in the past that we blocked every day. About fifteen yards longest chunk of concrete with completely lifted up by the flood waters that come over from rock creek. And moved several feet away this is normally a very smooth path. Bikers uses of course you -- on anything it's very bumpy. And now it's up and down bombs throughout the whole thing and of course that giant chunk of concrete that was completely missing when we left rock creek -- park service was coming over to start looking at. The damage -- figure out how they can start cleaning it up but it is a very. Very significant. -- that they're gonna have to work on. And this weekend -- with the very nice here in Washington and -- the a lot of very disappointed joggers and bikers who are gonna get to that point yellow tape going to be up you can't go any further. There's huge chunk of concrete just missing gonna take awhile to fix that and of course all of this coming after such a brutal winter what other damage in the DC area. Are -- concerned about. -- nothing significant in terms of structures but you're seeing a lot of damage to cars at where the flood waters from streams increased went over at Laurel, Maryland which is about. Thirty miles north of here they saw significant. Flooding you're seeing pictures of cars being towed out at a very high standing water. That's the major damage that you're seeing motorists that hot naked naked through either under an overpass or through a low riding area. They got stuck in that water it got up to some places the doors of their cars that's I think the most -- that you -- not really damaged structures but. Lot of people who may be thought they can make it did and other car might be -- -- an area details thanks so much Karen Travers -- Washington DC. Now we want to bring in AccuWeather is Heather Waldman for the latest first Heather let's start on the East Coast where the rain has been nonstop here in new York and not -- -- Atlantic seaboard as the storm over yet I still see some counter clockwise -- going on. Gay got that absolutely right Michelle the storm. Pretty much parked where it's been for the last 24 hours or so just -- showers across the upper midwest. But the heaviest of the rain that brought that nasty flooding to all along the I 95 quarter. Finally gone -- moving out of northern Maine now -- after we're showers crossing through the central mountains of Pennsylvania. But if you look farther to the south and east still some pretty heavy showers and thunderstorms. In exactly where we don't want to see -- -- Pensacola backing a mobile being spared the worst of this. Any rain at this point only going to aggravate the flooding we've already seen there but the showers and storms continuing to move in towards Jacksonville. So Friday it looking like another soaker for the sunshine state here's a closer look at that rain that's moving out of the northeast. Not much in the way of flooding issues in Maine -- lots of swollen rivers and creeks in southeastern Pennsylvania down into DC. Stuck in my dad earlier this morning his 45 minute commute last night got turning to about three hours. Luckily -- creeks and rivers have reached their peak flood stage as of late last night so. Murders are going to start going down and we're not looking much heavy rain. Different case -- in Florida and drenching rain likely tomorrow as far south as the Orlando area -- not going to -- How are those Santa Ana winds shaping up now. We -- actually -- big fire the at a want to fire in the Los Angeles basin burn up to a thousand acres here yesterday it spread so quickly. Because of those winds just blowing out of the mountains -- -- gusting anywhere from seventy to eighty miles per hour luckily today not quite as extreme. It's just a couple a forty mile an hour -- so certainly not going to help the firefighters the fire is about 10% contained. It hasn't been able to spread recently so those mandatory evacuations were lifted this morning still some voluntary evacuees. In effect now about 16100 homes. Had to be evacuated yesterday but these hot dry winds are going to continue through the rest of today around -- Los Angeles basin. Gas anywhere from forty to seventy miles per hour in addition to the heat and added fire danger. Certainly looking at some power outages as well as an extreme fire danger that's just not the southwest today. It's pretty toasty in the Pacific northwest as well fifteen to twenty degrees above normal Seattle -- challenge 85 degrees later on this afternoon Michelle. Some extreme spring weather playing out coast to coast Heather Waldman at AccuWeather thanks for that report. And you of course can keep up with the story all the weather -- real time by downloading the ABC news out but star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"The East Coast took the brunt of the storms, leaving roads in D.C., Delaware and Pennsylvania flooded.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23553895","title":"Strong Storms Wreak Havoc Across US","url":"/US/video/strong-storms-wreak-havoc-us-23553895"}