Was Essay Too Hot for Michigan Professor?

Oakland Univ. suspended Joseph Corlett for writing about one of his professors.
1:23 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Was Essay Too Hot for Michigan Professor?
The fact is she's an attractive woman I I -- -- -- attractive and but. I I wrote about Joseph court led an aspiring writer has been suspended from Oakland University he says -- writing about his attraction to one of his professors. A professor didn't think was offended by some of his other work that revolved around his sexual attraction to women. I'm getting all day and when you get all days I'm not gonna start right about freight trains or snow she made it clear that she didn't want us to -- it. She wanted the raw. Stuff tall blond stacked speaker heels fingernail Smart articulate smile. I'm post but I but I state. And -- Tuesday Thursday class thing I dropped -- search for something unattractive about her no luck yet. Corliss says he was never previously warned that his sexually charged writings were inappropriate I was encouraged all along that I was on the right track. And I was only told -- stop when I was thrown out of class. A spokesperson for Oakland University told us they could not comment on a student conduct matter. -- just once the suspension lifted and be allowed to complete -- class with another professor. I asked you would ever write another sexually charged SA again I will never -- down my first amendment rights.

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{"id":15635241,"title":"Was Essay Too Hot for Michigan Professor?","duration":"1:23","description":"Oakland Univ. suspended Joseph Corlett for writing about one of his professors.","url":"/US/video/student-suspended-over-hot-for-teacher-essay-15635241","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}