Student Suspended for Holding 'Pizza Gun'

Kid suspended for biting his pizza and waving it like a gun at other students.
2:02 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Student Suspended for Holding 'Pizza Gun'
Nicholas Taylor goes to David Yuri elementary school in Smyrna. A -- ridiculous at all he was -- the kids just plain around at lunch recently. The ten year old slice of pizza that other students thought looked kind of like a gun. Perhaps something like this designed by the channel two -- that. The -- across from the table from him said. Looks like a done so they pick it up to catch dad in the air. Leanne Taylor says she learned about this when the school sent home a note indicating that Nicholas was in trouble. I got -- -- home saying that he threaten other students my husband went talked to the principle and they just made a big deal about the fact that it with a gun. So what's -- punishment. He eats lunch with the other discipline children at the silent lunch table and will do so for the rest of the semester. Then there's this little guy had a piece of pizza he was eating it and it looks sort of like a done any today. And is that about what happened and that's about what happened did he say I'm gonna shoot you're killing 36 derogatory or any red hot he did not -- asked him that idea. And he said I didn't say anything mom I didn't say anything could there have been a miscommunication with the other kids there that felt threatening someone. I highly out it. I realize that looks that looks like the students been punished because they had and pizza that was saved like a -- and that's that's not -- this Tuesday that is according to the principal. James Evans wrap presents the Rutherford county school district some students reported that this student Mason threatening hand gestures to -- that he was. -- other -- at the table they reported to a teacher. Principle investigated the student been telling the truth about -- -- so he got. -- a -- for six days. Evans says the punishment is minor but the message being sent is clear I like that our guys are the people might say they were going overboard but -- -- was just -- abundance of caution. And to send a signal to all the students -- we don't play around about guns -- -- joked around about it. He knows that he's not -- -- with doesn't mean we don't again in the house with the got -- house I mean he -- like favors he's the big Star Wars -- And -- -- and Nashville's news two investigates.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Kid suspended for biting his pizza and waving it like a gun at other students. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15171514","title":"Student Suspended for Holding 'Pizza Gun'","url":"/US/video/student-suspended-pizza-gun-school-biting-waving-like-gun-other-kids-us-15171514"}