Students brave the cold to rally for gun reform in Chicago

Chicago students participated in the national school walkout to advocate for tighter gun laws.
4:33 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Students brave the cold to rally for gun reform in Chicago
So poignant across the country daddy what's that what's the feeling where you are right now. Well ever failed this is a very large public school here just outside Chicago school about 3500 students and you can see. From what's behind me what's been coming out for several seconds that there's a very large contention at this very large school walking out to their football field. We are happy to talk them these students. Which elected. Me if you think it through with it meet the news and we are covered this look at and it does one know what. First of all tell me your name Bolivia Bolivia were to us they've door and you juniors seniors. Freshman management that it just seems so even the younger students are participating now what do you hope to accomplish. I'm just can't make supporting. That ties. Are you. Anxious to see changed with the gun reform or are you here Bailey in sympathy with the Parkland students. Sympathy. I think. Change would be. And you hoping that today will contribute to that yet Mike good luck. Com he talked to was sacked on the problem. With its itself what's your name amen and alana Thomas. I'm and what are you hoping will come on this looks like a lot of these students are coming out here today well. I. Light and narration like really fix it rules like. Like the country the government to take more control that you have done like for an eighteen year old to get an assault while in like. That's a lot especially in America and those school shootings is becoming a commenting on suspects so sad that the new life like a lot of people are dying now. Like for like this protest by people coming out. Today especially like since it's class Irish Chicago IQ so that people here. You know we want change and neither voice for that. It looks like a lot of you coming out today are you surprised by the numbers. On it I'm out. I understand that the end of the is that you guys are going to be handed phone numbers of lawmakers here in Illinois and make you call them if you heard about this. I'm not acting. Like. People on our nickname Mike. Minorities especially. Teen aged. Oh. Good luck today. So. You could see that there are people very enthusiastic about this area all and it looked like they're gonna have an even larger than expected turnout. At the end of the what I was talking to about that. I'll commit that student that was that it isn't there. Formal program where they're gonna have student speakers here in the football stadium and you can see the stadiums on to fill up they get it a lot ten minutes. For the students to make call to legislators are masks they're gonna give the students a list of lawmakers including the governor. With the phone numbers. Edited appointed time there are going to all make calls it the same time and hopefully at least from their respective tie up those legislators. Phone lines with calls for gun reform. Guys Andy it I think you expressed very well on Bap of those students that that that walkouts are not where this ends the students in a lot of places registering seniors to vote they're saying. Some high school students obviously not of age to vote in this country some seniors are now eighteen years old and this will be their chance to make their voices heard. In any election process and are also gonna do exactly what you said Andy lobbying laws lawmakers have you heard from students and the other plan after today. To continue their education and continue the awareness about this issue. Well they are determined here at Evanston Township High School to do that. And this is the start with those ten minutes devoted to this massive call in to legislate Lewis and the students then here. Has pledged to continue those efforts to lobby. Illinois lawmakers and many of these kids will also be going of course to Washington on March 24. For the national march. On Washington planned by the parking and activists. So the efforts will continue beyond today certainly. Hi Andy fights forests in Chicago just one of the locations where were spread out this morning.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Chicago students participated in the national school walkout to advocate for tighter gun laws.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53746002","title":"Students brave the cold to rally for gun reform in Chicago","url":"/US/video/students-brave-cold-rally-gun-reform-chicago-53746002"}