Students Demand Action member talks gun violence prevention

Alanna Miller of Students Demand Action explains what can be done legislatively to improve gun violence in America and discusses the importance of having universal gun background checks.
3:51 | 08/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Students Demand Action member talks gun violence prevention
Let's say on the topic of guns right now because as we said coming into the fall this is going to be a hot topic they congress is gonna have to deal with what will the president do. And were seen groups from around the country step up and raising this issue to the forefront let's bring. One of those groups and right now we're joined right now by alana Miller she's with students demand action and analog thanks so much for taking it's time on this Friday afternoon for joining us they do really appreciate it. Because your group is interest thing actually York personal story alana is uninteresting because you. I just under college Erie Duke University known as I understand it but you actually organize. Com for your local high school one of the first walkouts that we saw a last year in response to the gun today. Yeah. Exactly right so there. They junior high school I was exposed to talk about your personal background checks. All that we are trying to express prevention measures and at what we do legislatively. To salt the public's help but instead it department heads. And here's this huge response it's all over the country argenbright reverend involved. So I consider are the only because they're on spring break months. A much larger response didn't ever expected to Dallas Portland area Texas in the very got it Wednesday. And the old maxim matters. Yet you mentioned the hear from taxes that you just said right there are definitely a gun friendly state trump country being Texas red for Republicans what do you you get the vibe though is sort of attitude right now from people down Texas again it's a very large state we get that. But considering what happened out last Sunday in El Paso had he been in touch. With friends family perhaps former students from your your high school in south lake. So I think the state of Texas now is healing well we're also really like you're. And we're ready to gather terrorists -- so with El Paso, Texas now explore the deadliest shootings. In the country's history. So I think. It's a great Britain's state even though we additionally. An open she Gretchen measures. I think now it's going to do that it's eat. Saloons. It. And alarm before I let you go you know as far as your group is concerned like I said its students demand action I see behind you I'm your standing by every town in mom's demand action which are terrific organizations. Com and had done a great job raising awareness but specifically with an organization like yours. Would ease the dvd activities for a group like yours what are you doing in schools around the country to raise awareness. And so a lot of things we where legislatively both in. Our senate. We educational needs to study and learn about the solutions that would implementing talking. About. That actually really great right now where it to Atlanta where I was hoping eat presidential forum where we're talking inspection which. He is considering so often got it at some candidates don't let our. It's in the us. Especially with the matrix in Britain and exit its. Denham springs and a critics. Get elected office so. These really economic. It's an exciting day ever hear it rips. It's tomorrow and we're expecting to hear at record stances on how to. Solve this problem let's break. Alana Miller were students demand action thank you so much line I appreciate it. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Alanna Miller of Students Demand Action explains what can be done legislatively to improve gun violence in America and discusses the importance of having universal gun background checks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64889414","title":"Students Demand Action member talks gun violence prevention","url":"/US/video/students-demand-action-member-talks-gun-violence-prevention-64889414"}