Super Moon Set to Be the Brightest of the Year

Skies will be lit up by the moon, swinging 30,000 miles closer to earth than normal.
4:22 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for Super Moon Set to Be the Brightest of the Year
-- -- -- -- And it's coming our way Sunday night 46 times here the mood swings earlier but 30000 miles closer than normal. And this Sunday's who promote and is going to be. The most super all this year everyone I'm -- Cutler in New York is a site. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so what is a Superman. So the super -- -- As you said the closest brightest full moon of the calendar year because we know that that the moon does not orbit the earth and in a perfect circle are times here when. That the moon is further -- at that. Apogee or closer parity so we have this wonderful coincidence this week and -- we have moved close to the earth parity and also -- -- -- a parity full moon a super -- That means that the -- going to be about 14% larger in the sky -- 30% brighter than the smallest full moon so we'll be bigger and brighter than the average full moon. In in the night -- It's fascinating to see in this in this only happens a couple times a year the so obviously -- it's is the summit. Periodically we know exactly when it's going to happen. You have we know where the moon is going to be at any point in time very very well so we know that by definition this -- would happens once a year the next super moon is going to be next September. The full moons around this -- have also been very close and very full but not quite by definition a Superman -- -- from ask. But you know that the moon in the night sky is always a wonderful thing to be looking at in this when this happens to be that much more spectacular because it will be. How much larger -- that much brighter so we'll ideal that tell that might look at -- -- it out there isn't that much of its size difference. Well again that the did the difference between this full moon in your normal woman's -- 7% so again if you're not used to looking at them when you're not even notice that there's any difference. If you looking at the moon which I encourage people to do look at the -- regularly over the course of a month or. Over the course of the year you might actually notice that there's a very subtle difference you might actually even notice the brightness and difference as well. But if you're not looking for it you wouldn't necessarily notice any difference but I do encourage people to get out look at the -- not only this weekend when -- close to being a super moon. But also any time during the course of the year the view is spectacular and you just learn a lot by just looking at the Foreman. So those are Kevin impact then because supermodel -- -- -- -- I get any impact on the tides will be very very minor you know the difference between this full moon and other full -- is actually relatively small distance wise. It does appear to be brighter but at the distance wise it's not that much different so the effects on tides are going to be very very minor again on noticeable the only difference I expect. That will happen is that on Monday morning. People wake up with stiff -- having spent all the time Sunday night staring at the moon in the sky. Not a bad result from that Canada a lunar exploration. So this is now marking the 45 anniversary of the moon landing 45 years we're still learning things about them Brian. That's correct you know 45 years ago we began the human exploration the moon we begin to learn about the the moon's history. And by association the -- history now we have -- -- -- orbiting the moon. Which is telling us so much about the lunar surface we have the highest resolution topographic data of any planetary surface we're learning about impact craters. Fundamental process across the solar system. We get these beautiful views vistas of of the lunar surface including this 1 the central peak of a large crater with a boulder perched on top. Boulder the size of baseball field. And -- were really learning about how how dynamic the moon is how much its influence the Earth's history and how much we can learn about the earth by studying the lunar surface. And then of course enjoying the beauty from something like a supermodel which of course -- in joint NASA scientists note. -- thank you so much really appreciate your time and your insight from the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland thank you. And of course reminder you keep up with the super road and at Percy meteor showers also scheduled in real time by downloading ABC news outlets -- stored -- -- updates on ago. For now. -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Skies will be lit up by the moon, swinging 30,000 miles closer to earth than normal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24903667","title":"Super Moon Set to Be the Brightest of the Year","url":"/US/video/super-moon-set-brightest-year-24903667"}