Superstorm 2012: Hurricane Sandy Surge Impact

Combination of a full moon and high tide will create tidal basins for low-lying coastal cities.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm 2012: Hurricane Sandy Surge Impact
The big issue that everyone is talking about is the search hitting the eastern cities to major cities New York Philadelphia. A combination of a -- moon high tide. A central is gonna create tidal basins for those large low lying cities. And you can see here this is an image from Atlantic City where you can -- you're going to be getting surge bowl. On both sides. The Atlantic and also from the bay behind there and this is lower Manhattan this is what could potentially happen. If we have a storm surge six possibly even as high as eleven feet. ABC's mark Greenblatt is down in Battery Park in lower Manhattan today looking at what the search is doing. Mark I'm assuming the water is rising is right behind it. Can't really is rising you can take a look at it. -- are already pretty -- out in this area and amazingly the Army Corps of Engineers telling us that the water levels have already hit. The same levels that they -- -- -- Hurricane Irene. At it and and right now that area has been evacuated as -- not. -- this there's a mandatory evacuation down in this area of course the really big I don't know if you decide guy riding by on his bike behind me. Let's not everybody has been. -- -- That evacuation. -- and the problem of course is that later this evening planned high tide comes back out the conservatives that water could come. Over topping the seawall -- -- -- it into this area and then on into the rest of lower Manhattan's or anybody who's out riding a bike that I'd be it in a whole lot of. New York Stock Exchange has sandbags up much of lower Manhattan has alzheimer's and -- earlier today they said it's just an eerie feeling down there that. It's essentially a ghost town when normally on a Monday -- busily been busy just crazy. Well you know one of the things that we sight eyewitness sandbags and we were driving on our way down to this location front. In the near the upper west side and we saw. Entire flat beds of trucks bringing in sandbags still continuing to try to reinforce this area continuing to try to reinforce the World Trade Center site. Which is not far from -- one of the major concerns also of course it's. Potential construction debris that might lie down from atop the World Trade Center area or or -- -- other buildings of course line says. It's on the glass. Some of the tall glass buildings around the area.

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{"id":17590460,"title":"Superstorm 2012: Hurricane Sandy Surge Impact","duration":"3:00","description":"Combination of a full moon and high tide will create tidal basins for low-lying coastal cities.","url":"/US/video/superstorm-2012-hurricane-sandy-surge-impact-17590460","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}