Superstorm 2012: Tracking Hurricane Sandy's Path

Widespread impact of the storm spreads to Buffalo and into Cleveland and Cincinnati.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm 2012: Tracking Hurricane Sandy's Path
Of course the big question is where is sandy right now let's get right to be a -- Yost with AccuWeather and the latest on the track via letter where is the movement right now. Thank you dam -- currently a let me just point out sandy still about 200. And 65 miles to the south and east of Atlantic City but check out how far inland. The rain bands are spreading we're getting rain right now. West of buffalo to Cleveland even down into Cincinnati and of course speech heavier rainfall designated here by the yellow and red shading DC Baltimore is. Pouring right now you can see more and yellows just. Pilings in their DC already with over an inch and a half of rainfall already and Baltimore just over two inches and again conditions will continue to deteriorate as the afternoon and evening Wear on that conditions now coming together the pressures dropping Mississippi is deepening each and that northwest turn that we've been waiting for is occurring and we are expecting that northwest's motion to continue into the remainder -- tonight before landfall which right now is looking like it's going to be near Atlantic City if not just north of there. Anytime between 6 and 10 o'clock tonight on of course says so that -- the worst of the conditions will continue to unfold through this afternoon and into this evening along some of those major cities New York City Baltimore and Washington DC as I mentioned. Flooding of course an immense concern here. We could be looking at over eight inches of rainfall here near DC and Baltimore extending up into parts of Pennsylvania where. The rainfall rates can exceed an inch per minute now force totals. Not looking quite as high up north toward a New England but certainly enough shot to cost some flooding in at least at -- that rain is going to be accompanied by very very strong winds. Causing the rain to blow -- is on police were looking out widespread damaging wind gusts New York City all the way down the I 95 and again the widespread impacts of -- storm here just perfectly to noted by the traffic we're looking at gusts anywhere from forty to fifty. From New England back into parts of Ohio even late tonight toward Chicago we could be looking at gust -- fifty miles per hour. Not to be forgotten here is storm surge this is gonna cost. Devastating storm surge from southern New England shot there -- Long Island including parts of New York City part of queens parts of Brooklyn she kind of forcing Eastern Shore -- lower Manhattan Dan. I want to ask you very -- reveal that it has who has the models they very much in the past six or seven -- and oftentimes -- -- tracking. It's very good -- -- -- to -- a lot of options on the table but is this pretty -- been consistent with what was forecast. I definitely think what we're at least the last couple of days condition he model session today should have been definitely shown a consensus and again. I must stress here the exact point of impact is just not something that needs to be focused on at least by the public -- have been mentioning the storm system is just so so large that it impacts won't for the most part be the same regardless of if storm system tracks just a little bit farther north or just a little different.

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{"id":17590353,"title":"Superstorm 2012: Tracking Hurricane Sandy's Path","duration":"3:00","description":"Widespread impact of the storm spreads to Buffalo and into Cleveland and Cincinnati.","url":"/US/video/superstorm-2012-tracking-hurricane-sandys-path-17590353","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}