Digital Program: Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

A look at the damage and recovery effort after the "perfect storm" hit the East Coast.
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Digital Program: Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy
This is an ABC news special report. And a little I'm -- Cutler in New York hitting the reset button the East Coast still trying to do regain some sense of normalcy. After hurricane sandy hit but still having to deal with some of the remnants of some of the problems. At this time still two days after she made landfall take a look at some of the video coming in. -- -- a low -- New Jersey fires breaking out there. They're believed to be natural gas leaks aware of the site of homes used to once be. Destroyed taken out by sandy firefighters cannot get -- all because of broke conditions have been flooded out. The National Guard from Texas and California they are now arriving on the East Coast are helping flood victims. From the Carolinas all the way up to New Jersey in fact -- itself how the city flooded. Thousands of residents are holed up in their apartments and their brownstone just waiting for recovery efforts to -- and make it to their doorsteps there. The New Jersey National Guard they're -- ready to eat meals all helping now with those evacuations here. And President Obama he is set to meet with New Jersey governor Chris Christie today -- will toward the damage in Atlantic City. He is expected to leave the White House any moment now expects -- who arrived in Atlantic City near 1230 Governor Christie himself. Making huge price to the president and to the federal government for offering their assistance for the cleanup efforts from hurricane sandy. There is a sense of recovery there is a sense of normalcy that is starting to come back here on the East Coast. And this is one of the -- the New York Stock Exchange reopening today deflating. Mayor Bloomberg doing the honors the bringing -- south -- exchange is running on backup generators for reasons why because. -- lower Manhattan is still without power. The last time to put this in the historic context that the exchange closed because of weather. Was 1888. And we can -- trading -- relatively mixed the day but there. Mayor clearly on a sign that the city will make a recovery as will the entire eastern seaboard. By the numbers here's where we stand at least 57 people have been killed in nine states. At least six to six point two million people are without power and that's spanning seventeen states they go from as far out as Wisconsin and Michigan as far south. As the Carolinas and four million of those are without power just in new York and New Jersey those areas hardest hit. -- good news if there is any good news that is coming out of today is that JFK airport Newark liberty airport they have -- -- -- they've got limited service. But airlines are gonna try to catch up on that back lot of those 191500. Flights that were canceled over the past couple of days. It's -- the costs well right now there estimates nearing twenty billion dollars somewhere between ten and thirty billion dollars. Just in the lost businesses off from -- -- now the destruction. At the famed Jersey Shore is simply staggering the pictures you can even imagine that this is reality but much of the town of seaside heights made famous by the Jersey shore show. Underwater for a long time to come part of that famous Atlantic City boardwalk completely wiped out. And ABC's -- Terry Moran has the latest from there. New Jersey's seaside heights -- city synonymous with summer fun. Is now city completely submerged. From the air destruction as far as the eye can see fires smoldering. Some still burning even after the worst winds had passed in -- lots of homes gone. The entrance to the city underwater. Votes that with stood the powerful winds stacked like cars and -- junkyard. On the ground the damage is devastating. And you got look at it. Floodwaters stranding homeowners who didn't take the warning seriously why didn't stay. I think. It was -- be debts to sit here what was once an East Coast summer staple recently made even more popular by MTV's reality show Jersey Shore. Will never be the same the boardwalk demolished -- remains tossed like him when he look at this what effect. We'll vision -- the famous fund town amusement pier now scattered across the shoreline a merry go round. Built nearly a hundred years ago destroyed. Ferris wheels toppled there remains now mingling with children's bumper cars this mammoth roller -- immersed in ocean waves. Good jurors he's sure of my youth where we used to go all the time. 204 walk at seaside heights it is god to appear with -- -- Where I was to -- kids this August or into the -- ocean. A whole summer way of life destroyed but the spirit here remains we spent the night here. Sitting in their cars and in the darkness a resident came up to us and asked us. If we needed anything that's the Jersey Shore. Terry Moran ABC news seaside heights futures. And the system now still creating some problems taking a look at some video here from Pennsylvania where snow is coming down -- at the end of October. Also coming down. In Maryland in great quantity there reports -- thirty inches all from that system. And more in fact forecast throughout the -- that they daughter Virginia they're actually getting the worst -- -- they have recorded three feet so far trees are coming -- obviously because leaves are still on them. The outer bands of this system a whipping up huge -- in Lake Michigan facts so big they've been -- in the shores of Chicago with near twenty feet tall waves. Some of these pictures just unbelievable to think they're not -- -- that in fact is reality that Chicago is experiencing the Great Lakes. Seen some of these waves two stories high and of course that is what has been forcing a lot of cargo ships that move throughout the Great Lakes to be stopped altogether. Transportation and not an easy thing coming back from something like this in fact it could be days for trains and subway service to get back working in New York City and here's why. Water in the East River tunnel that services the Amtrak and the long island rail road. That is what it has to -- with unfortunately there is no timetable at this point for restoring the service. The LI RR -- cleaning the tracks quickly they can they're trying to fix those sub stations that were knocked up from all that flooding but in total. They're having to deal with forty power stations that lost electricity. The subway system in general still shut down it's the largest in the country. It's only been shut down twice the south ferry the White House stations their underwater workers they're trying to pump up the water. And find exactly what they're gonna have to deal with what's that all starts to dry out. Now that Mayor Bloomberg has -- estimated at this point it could be four days before partial subway service is restored. The good news though first folks that are trying to travel above ground. There -- some limited bus service that is being run by the MTA affairs -- -- so that is something that is helping the city kind of get back on its feet. But again the MTA and the Long Island railroad hoping to have their service restored possibly as early as tomorrow. We're gonna have some updates a little bit later today. -- -- take a look now at a shot at Times Square and again to talk about the determination. To get back to a sense of normalcy you can see people are moving about not just towards -- -- businesses. Are opening back up again. Despite the fact a lower Manhattan has been knocked out of power lot of -- a lot of commerce is taking place in midtown Manhattan. Branches are down power is out throughout much of the East Coast obviously not safe conditions for the kids to be trick or treating and for that for the first time in its 39 year history New York's Greenwich Village Halloween parade. That has been canceled just one of the events of Halloween that's been canceled in New Jersey governor Chris Christie has announced this morning at Halloween will in fact can be postponed across the state. That'll be at least until Monday. November 5 and the White House is well canceling Halloween parties military families usually invited to trick or treat their. The president though focusing on Sandy's cleanup now. Social media. Played a big part and tracking hurricane sandy a lot of people sharing what they saw outside their windows what they saw in the clean up afterwards but all too often. Fiction trumped reality. Here's ABC's Josh -- Sandy's destructive march through New York City produce more than its share of stunning images -- -- -- stacking up across social media. Piles of hurricane hoaxes. Some possibly today sort clever jokes but others real photographs. Of -- wrong stole more. With its iconic imagery Manhattan. And seemed -- easy target freeze frames of a destroyed city from disaster movies such as deep impact or the day after tomorrow. Why when there's plenty authentic photos of the skyline menace by the storm with a statue of liberty standing firm against approaching doom and gloom. Very real floodwaters ravaged New York's transit system there's this photo -- it was scuba diver turns strap -- All of amid a flurry of images that seem impossible but aren't a partially submerged fully lit carousel in Brooklyn. Or a tanker on a beach in Staten Island cars floating out of a parking garage in Greenwich Village and don't forget the sharks but surely. These photos of the predator of the deep in newly Quantico highways homes and escalators well they can't be real OK. They're now. But according to George Parsons of Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. They could be. The possibility is it thoughtfully. Might to dessert somewhere near Manhattan. News. -- -- My favorite establishments there. Sharks are no sharks -- is back to reality but there is a sense of determination that normalcy will remain. -- stay with For the latest on the recovery efforts after the storm and also go to our website to find out how you can help out those affected. By hurricane -- This is -- Swedish.

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{"id":17609601,"title":"Digital Program: Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy ","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at the damage and recovery effort after the \"perfect storm\" hit the East Coast.","url":"/US/video/superstorm-sandy-aftermath-perfect-storm-17609601","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}