Supreme Court: President Trump not above the law

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the court’s decisions, saying the president cannot block the release of his financial records.
4:59 | 07/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Supreme Court: President Trump not above the law
Now to the Supreme Court which today handed out two major decisions involving subpoenas for president trumps taxes and financial records for years of president has fought to keep those documents private. And tonight the court said that congress a New York prosecutor and a public. Nasal have to wait a bit longer hears Devin Dwyer. On the final day of its term a unanimous Supreme Court declared president trump is not above the law. Rejecting his claims of absolute immunity from subpoenas for his financial records the president is just like anybody else when it comes at certain kinds. And legal actions and here just because he's the president doesn't permit to block this investigation from going forward. In a separate decision the justices chided congress saying its requests for Trump's personal records may be too broad. When it did say is that congress didn't do it's who work. And figuring out. Exactly what it needed the documents for and what its power was in requesting those documents. House Democrats said they needed the documents to help great ethics an anti corruption laws a New York prosecutor wants ten years of Trump's tax returns to probe possible fraud. In a pair of 72 decisions written by Chief Justice John Roberts the subpoenas remain in play. But must be reviewed again by lower courts are. Basically starting over again sending everything back down to the lower courts and so I don't know again so were. Are certain point sense. It's. On Twitter the president blasted the cases as a political prosecution. He was fuming in private sources tell ABC news upset his appointees to the court justices Brent Cavanaugh a new course it's. Failed to strike down the subpoena it's. The white house Press Secretary who had a different take. If they essentially laid out a road map. I listen to his justices to not go against them. But on the New York grand jury subpoenaed the justices were unanimous Roberts writing no citizen not even the president is categorically above the common duty to produce evidence when called upon in a criminal proceeding. The Supreme Court has NASA it gets. It is constitutionally permissible to investigate a sitting president and that hasn't backward and when patients. That it is also potentially constitutionally permissible to indict sit. Impressed. In a separate case Roberts wrote they congress has the power to seek personal records of a president but not without a careful analysis. One he said still needs to be done. Without limits on its subpoena powers Roberts warned congress could exert in and curious control over the executive branch in the grand eyes itself but the president's expense. The Supreme Court including the president's appointees. Have declared that he is not about the law. The point they packed that this Supreme Court potentially down is one that is. Clearly achievable by. In the lower courts and we will continue. To go down that path. President trump is the first in modern American history to not publicly released tax returns for disaster from business interest while in office. While I'm under a lot of I would not give my back to. There is no law whatsoever. The IRS is said trump can release his taxes at any time but the president has dismissed the need. And Devin Dwyer joins us now from the Supreme Court generally just heard the president or dismiss the need to provide his financial records so what is rulings really mean as far as whether that could still happen for Americans actually vote in November. What is still quite possible the president trample half. To turn over these records including his tax returns but today's ruling means it's much less likely that will happen before November house Democrats now need to go back to court. To justify those subpoenas and even in New York were legal experts say that prosecutors a much stronger case. Well grand jury proceedings as you know Lindsay are secret bylaw into the public if that case moves ahead a more quickly was still not be able to get to see the documents. This is of course the final day of the term the court also handed on a major decision involving Oklahoma and native American rights explain it ruling and and also it's significant. To have this is a big one Lindsay the Supreme Court today ruled that most of eastern Oklahoma including the major city of Tulsa. Are part of tribal land tick a look at this map from a century ago shows the land that we're talking about here just as corsets today. I had the opinion in the case he was joined by the liberal justices basic congress 200 years ago created a reservation system. In a treaty with native Americans and that treaty still applies today as for the impact in this case the court said when it comes to prosecuting. Tribal members for crimes state officials no longer have jurisdiction but Lindsay tonight. More than anything tribal leaders are celebrating this as a victory for native American rights saying they can govern themselves. And long overdue recognition. The treaty's matter. The net and certainly a long time coming DeVon thanks so much for your reporting Tibet.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":" ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the court’s decisions, saying the president cannot block the release of his financial records.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71704685","title":"Supreme Court: President Trump not above the law","url":"/US/video/supreme-court-president-trump-law-71704685"}