Surgeons Deal With One Grizzly Patient

A Syrian grizzly bear was treated for broken legs by Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching School.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Surgeons Deal With One Grizzly Patient
There around this morning she's non weight bearing. On the left -- left front -- Mrs. Brady -- of her left lamb and noticed that she had a homer fracture that was a -- Our guess is at least four weeks old. We decided to take -- -- cover right limits well no she also has saved right order practice. Turning smiling she's a seven year old. Probably your best guess -- the Syrian -- next that we just received her about four weeks ago we rescued her from Georgia. She was being kept in a facility with seventeen other fairs where they were being kept in essentially -- -- -- -- hit. Where they were attacked him. We decided it was best to basically try to treat the -- And remove any type of -- pieces of foam that were there. The problem like hers that she had an opening. As well it's likely to be infected so it's kind of a race against time of whether we can get them home video in the amount of time it takes for. Infection is that ends. So stay with us he was rescued -- -- an -- -- about the rest of her -- in the same way in which. Hopefully is going to be and other Tony good years of you know. Happiness living on a twenty acre habitat vs thirty by forty foot cement that. This is my first grizzly bear -- -- freedom choices. She can do whatever he wants and enjoy life. As long as she can heal those fractures which may take some time. I think she'll have a pretty decent life.

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{"id":22584950,"title":"Surgeons Deal With One Grizzly Patient","duration":"3:00","description":"A Syrian grizzly bear was treated for broken legs by Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching School.","url":"/US/video/surgeons-deal-grizzly-patient-22584950","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}