Suspect in Louisiana church fires committed 'evil acts': Officials

Holden Matthews was arrested in connection with three church fires that happened in the span of 10 days.
3:45 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for Suspect in Louisiana church fires committed 'evil acts': Officials
21 year old hold a Matthews whose resin about the looses. Has been arrested he's been charged with state crimes by the state fire marshal's office Louisiana revised statute fourteen feet to two point one. Three council simple Orson on religious buildings each one of these charges have a maximum fifteen year penalty. As a quick recap of the case. Free church incitement to perish barn. In a ten to explain the saint Mary Baptist Church in port area Morse 26 the greater union Baptist church on April 2. And finally the Mount Pleasant Baptist church on a place. We can now confirm that all three of these fires are intentionally set. And all three of these fires are related. Several pieces of evidence both physical from the scene and technological evidence have confirmed that Matthews is a suspect. At this time the investigation is extremely active in the game has we go through. The statements made and questions we answer we are very restrictive on what we can say. And you're gonna understand why. Which still betting several motives however information that the investigators have uncovered is that Matthews. Had offered. There's suggestions and connections. A relationship with the type of music called black metal. And its association in history with church burnings and other ports of the world. Which have been documented and in movies and books. Any question a potential motives. Are gonna go to the federal authorities there's a lot of discussion about the hate motive. Understand slump and that the hate motive is a federal nexus and the federal authorities are extremely V adding that will speak that. However. With which you need to understand. Is that the investigators. Sought out a very significant threat in this community. And when Matthews was developed as a suspect. We saw an immediate threat to public safety we felt. That other crimes were in the in an abundance of public safety. We quickly. Secured state warts and took him into custody. So we say this investigation is still active. Understand that that there were extraordinary means taken. To bring safety to this community and again howls say the threat is now one. Hold in Matthews fall that did not turn him in. We did not get any tips from the hotline we did not we got a lot of tips from the public and we investigated though tips and leads. But this case was not solve would tip from the public but many came to it. This case was solved because of the men and women that were us aren't were competent. And driven. To make an arrest. This case was solved because of the boots on the ground in a Boortz and there they didn't stop. Because opponents father or anyone else turning amend it didn't happen and as we all know by now hold it father is implore you mark Fineman. He shocked and hurt. At any father would be. In my heart went out to him. When re notified him to come in and not talk to him in and you've been broke him. He lose. And terrible she. He he helped to facilitate the arrest to get the suspect away from home so that he wouldn't be injured Indy admit it we had to may be used force to the golden resident to get in. He helped facilitate. To get him away from the house get into an area where we could. Ar rest him approach and arrest him without any incident that's the only in.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Holden Matthews was arrested in connection with three church fires that happened in the span of 10 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62332505","title":"Suspect in Louisiana church fires committed 'evil acts': Officials","url":"/US/video/suspect-louisiana-church-fires-committed-evil-acts-officials-62332505"}