Tampa opens arms to Puerto Rico evacuees

The city of Tampa is preparing for an influx of Puerto Rico evacuees following Hurricane Maria.
1:58 | 10/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tampa opens arms to Puerto Rico evacuees
The state has already activated so called reception centers for Puerto Rican evacuees in Orlando and Miami all to help them recital. Now that hasn't happened here but nonetheless the city's getting ready for a potential population in forks. It's cold out table next to baggage claim at Tampa International Airport. It's seen small. But it's the start of a massive effort to prepare for Puerto Rican evacuees. Looking to make the mainland. Their new home in a negative at a game I honestly believe we'll be here for months if not years Jennifer Martinez had to abandon it'll. Night packing whenever she clicked. A couple of suitcases. All of them select. More than a month and about being an album is via our peony in heat without air conditioning and us. I cannot. She's staying with family tells me she'll need her own home job school for her baby girl. Now Hillsborough County Tampa at teamed up of numerous agencies and nonprofit. Ultra how connect season the American citizens with the re sources they desperately need. At the moment. It just means a white bag. And information of possible to live in Puerto Rico after this disaster and I no no no match job. But how it is now. No Rosen dissent is staying with a daughter in Tampa she says she can't go back to her island animal permanently resettle in another state. As evacuees arrive. Agencies are having roundtable discussions. Identifying potential problems should a reception center be activated here is an ad isn't like we're so grateful for the help because honestly we need. We need help. Some of those problems they've identified are housing vouchers jobs and medical help. Possible solutions include crisis counseling within documentation requirement that schools and having the DMV offer for IDs. I.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"The city of Tampa is preparing for an influx of Puerto Rico evacuees following Hurricane Maria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50480578","title":"Tampa opens arms to Puerto Rico evacuees","url":"/US/video/tampa-opens-arms-puerto-rico-evacuees-50480578"}