Teacher’s book series showcases diversity

ABC News’ Ike Ejiochi speaks with Glen Mourning, a former college football player now inspiring students as a reading teacher with his book series “The Crunchy Life.”
6:21 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for Teacher’s book series showcases diversity
He wants an NFL dreams for this former college football player has gone from the locker room. The classroom inspiring his young students in the DC area with his children's book series called the crunching life which she created in part. To help showcase diversity ABC's Ike in Jack she has a story. There's one thing you can always count on kids do. First things first I want to talk about school bill like it unknown at railing and that's telling the truth especially about school. It's this night. Fine I guess. I don't know what it I don't like about it's just something I don't want to do going to class can be tough for kids especially for the past year on again. Nobody really knows what to do because nobody has been he had defeated powerful but these four kids so we. Have been Isabella and McConnell I have one thing in common. That's Glenn morning. So without. Hands so with that. He's not your typical teacher in his class the learning starts as soon as you meet what was it like actually meeting Glenn for the first time for your dad. It was like Hillis but connection didn't new and it because like you it was a fun teacher and he knew how to teach. Good morning and I had a conversation about teaching and sightseeing kofia his favorite bookstore in Washington DC now right here here are the actual Krajina books he teaches reading to. Elementary students around the DMV area. And believes conventional methods don't apply to everyone. The idea of and being a reading teacher in general is to provide kids with access to be able to then go off into its board a world that communication with the world it was difficult for morning growing up. He says he didn't learn how to read until the age of nine grownup and a house with twelve or thirteen other people or you're not getting the right attention. You may not get a chance to practice reading. And just the different frustration that you built that build up in you as a kid so I got so far where it's like we just need to get by as opposed to. You know really excel so sports became mornings outlived. I'm an. Home almost became like this personified Bodiford. His skills on the field gave him an opportunity to go to college at the University of Connecticut with hopes of pursuing an NFL dream but the challenge proved to be too much. I was around it. But at the point where I realize as a junior that it wasn't going to happen no matter how hard I practice I realized that if I don't do something a minute in the back on my grandma's house. That's when morning you need to move from the locker room to the classroom. He graduated UConn with a degree in education determined to make a difference taught me about that first. Teaching job you have what was that like imagine. Driving a car and then all of a sudden in those staring roads as disappears. Right but your foot is on the gas like that's what teaching at for myself at least was like in year long. So I got told what Rodgers knew that I wanted to be even from its not a wanted to be like those people that helped me get through at all and I mean in. It wasn't it wasn't meant to be in terms of a full bought things and teaching is there there's superheroes and those classrooms. Morning says he started talking to his young students about life. Two lenses they understand why would you talk to them ballot in those times when you a moment from a buy everything about not have enough money to buy groceries. About not knowing how to do launching about not know how to even tied attire that knows where it might just be is soul you know transparent to them for order like. There's never going to be a day where they can't Tom what's going on because I'm so open and honest within a wonder they transformed from words to. Words in the paper only so I had an opportunity to do speak to you know removed pickers in Connecticut in my hometown and once I kind of just realized that the stories and I'm telling kids in front of you know large groups of people. Back to put them in books and they'll last longer and then those messages can actually transpire into the home that off I'll caddy for our way to do this. That's what his book series the crunchy life became a reality so how did you actually come up. With the crunchy life in and talking about that name. I don't get it did OK so when life it's hard to chew hard to swallow reality is tough to deal with like its proxies that you can't stop chewing you have to keep going OK I'm picking up which are putting their mail and you know the idea is is simply. What do our kids were the go through and how can we show them that we see them. You don't see a lot of books about young black kids in school. Let go in when you do see that it does it. Really show what actually happens it really just shows there is hives and what they want to happen. But in these votes it's really realistic and can be like. It's a living meaningful. Haven't been so many of mourning students say they experience something new with his books. They see themselves in the pages that new feeling for them only magnifies the lack of diversity in children's books. In 2018. Only 10% of children's books were based around in African where an African American character. In that same year there were more books centered on animals than any character from a diverse background. You have this lopsided approach where most of the struggling readers are kids of color. So to give them an entry point. Crunchy life is like hey that looks like Niemi read it. Reading is just a gateway into the rest of the world and country life is one of those vehicles that you could jump in hang on to and is really loved Iraq. I think. Let kids very EMI you hear that at like. What are there has been about she might happen by both they downplay it and now they can't they're still likes of transit and thousands of right. OK is it really doesn't let that that I. Missed a morning businesses play he was like this though that if I play. And. A lot of writers are inspired by the Greeks. Glenn morning says he gets to see greatness in his students every single day Eddie tell us every Saturday I care about you think like they can. They care about you but I actually when you know some money care about you won a goal which and it has been going different things. I could Johnson ABC news Washington DC.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"ABC News’ Ike Ejiochi speaks with Glen Mourning, a former college football player now inspiring students as a reading teacher with his book series “The Crunchy Life.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78303963","title":"Teacher’s book series showcases diversity","url":"/US/video/teachers-book-series-showcases-diversity-78303963"}