The tech industry’s changing workplace

ABC News’ Will Carr travels to Silicon Valley, where tech companies are allowing employees to work from home long-term.
4:56 | 06/25/20

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Transcript for The tech industry’s changing workplace
Now to our continued look at the great work from home its parent ABC's will card took a trip to Silicon Valley to see how tech companies both big and small. Are navigating this new normal. Yeah. All sat for more Modi every day is an adventure. Are very yeah. Let me Judy I'm rush yeah yeah yeah. It odious three kids including a newborn she's also the CEO of the start up Bobby in infant formula company in the Bay Area that has 45 moms with 43 kids on the payroll see this to her and the pandemic continues Bobby has decided to let all of its employees work from home indefinitely. I think what we've realized during the pandemic is. We questioned if working from home would work and adults live anything. We're seeing in new level of productivity. And it may not be during the same nine to five hours. But the work is getting Don of course the acting come with the occasional accident I. Just finished breast feeding on call last week and I have three minutes afterwards. A stands. And. Year. Is just phenomenon and Ian. You know it's a two hour commute one way cell that's four hours. This is coded nineteen cases continue to spike in California. For the second straight day on Tuesday California broke its daily record for new cases leaving many wondering win they'll feel safe to return to work. Now companies across the country including FaceBook are discussing the benefits of loving people stay home. Mark Zuckerberg has said that within ten years as many as half of the company's employees will work from home. The reasons why think that this. Could be very positive. More broadly the staffs across the US and Canada. Two start. Is going to open up a lot of new talent. Dad who previously would have considered moving to a big city. The mobile payment company square has decided to give employees the choice to work from home moving forward. As people kept working during sheltered place he came to realize that actually a large number of employees were doing a really good job of maintain the same levels of creativity and productivity and collaboration with others even though they were promised we decided well. If people are most pre creative it most productive on why not just extend that after shelter place it's a move that's being celebrated this Silicon Valley leadership group. We believe that this is going to be strong for not only tech employers but our employees which are most precious commodity and an innovation economy. Why because it's gonna take a lot of stress out of daily commutes on congested Bay Area roadways it's going to improve air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Ability to move from expensive states and other tax friendly states all while keeping the same job as a real incentive for San Francisco resident Rachael bravado. She works for right de IO a technology company digitize in the food supply chain. She's now looking at moving to Arizona or Nevada. Currently am paying about 3800 all and end and I probably will save about. 15100. A month which is had a significant when I'm you know looking to retire and you know I want to have a good kind and quality of life and Irish. And while being further apart king come with limitations like spotty Wi-Fi or incessantly loud kids back to Bobby to months of found that there are actually growing closer to taking the time to share their personal experiences. While at work. That's why it the last mediation as feeding him. Which shields. After my and my. Having a baby the first time is don't think having baby during a pandemic. It's very scary we noticed that 74% of moms are feeling more. Mental health strain than they ever helped before. So one of the things that we've implemented is just more personal check ins when it comes to work we kick off every week for me and every week with. How you doing personally. Understanding how they're doing and making sure that we can manage that had they bring themselves to work has really played in two the productivity. And coming. Happier to work or. From Omar from your patio like I'm doing can allow companies to save on overhead which means it could hire more people or pump more money back into the company but of course T shirts and pajamas isn't for everybody so that's why some companies tell us Lindsay that they're giving their employees the option. When's it. People will be weighing those options will car thanks so much and.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"ABC News’ Will Carr travels to Silicon Valley, where tech companies are allowing employees to work from home long-term.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71440689","title":"The tech industry’s changing workplace","url":"/US/video/tech-industrys-changing-workplace-71440689"}