Teen Turns Tables on Bullies at Homecoming Game

A teenager bullied by her classmates turned the tables on them after a humiliating hoax.
3:00 | 09/29/12

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Transcript for Teen Turns Tables on Bullies at Homecoming Game
At a big football game like homecoming it's usually the football players who are the stars but tonight the attention went to somebody off the field. And sixteen year old Whitney -- waved to a crowd that supported her. For turning the tables and classmates who bullied her. It's -- differently -- in the nation saw last week the sophomore Obama heights high school thought about killing herself. After she found out that her nomination to the homecoming court had been a prank pulled by her peers. The small rural town of west branch where she lives rallied behind her businesses donated things -- dress and gave her make over. Even students from the opposing team supported her with signs and banners. I think it's awful happen. It's gonna know that there. And I know that there -- people hear my name is very very well there -- -- -- -- and questioned by eight. I've that the team that we are going into the actually supporting me -- Wow that's overwhelming. No -- for this right now. She doesn't know who exactly pulled the cruel joke in the school hasn't punished any of the students yet but even now she doesn't hold that against them. -- is a message for other kids who are bullet. Our bowling you do not let them bring in Dallas for what you believe it though you are and dealt with there. -- I and look at me now. Savvy and -- They're just hoping that everybody can learn some kind of lesson from this although there are people Allentown -- haven't been happy with all the attention. Saying that the actions of -- let you shouldn't tarnish the reputation. Out of school for west bridge street Ivanovic seven action news.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A teenager bullied by her classmates turned the tables on them after a humiliating hoax.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17356956","title":"Teen Turns Tables on Bullies at Homecoming Game","url":"/US/video/teen-bullied-haox-prank-queen-football-game-school-us-17356956"}