Teen Demands $2 Million With Bomb Threat

Georgia police arrest 14-year-old who forced high school into lockdown.
1:18 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Teen Demands $2 Million With Bomb Threat
Like -- about the freshman students and nothing has an undercover deputy escorted him into jail. Since he's a juvenile we've covered his face and the face of the undercover investigator. The sheriff tells me the -- triggered mass disruption over two days by calling in bomb threats from a cellphone -- -- -- moral high school. We got hold of one of the 911 calls. Clayton County now no -- Yet the Democrats are wearing -- bernalillo to hear their part -- little or no. Police did not certain without her here Bob -- fiscal. Year but as old -- Well I do tomorrow night full effect here where did you -- it. I couldn't appeared in the -- here are you -- -- little in the eighteen million dollars generic. Sparkling bring them any -- and -- Indian art. The student faces felony charges of making terroristic threats. The sheriff says it's a costly price I would urge every town and urge every parent to talk to their children up now. The the consequences of their actions so that we we don't have to deal with something like this crazy stupid. -- have no life -- Trying to get attention. Trying to get attention and is not a -- -- -- -- him.

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{"id":15498666,"title":"Teen Demands $2 Million With Bomb Threat","duration":"1:18","description":"Georgia police arrest 14-year-old who forced high school into lockdown.","url":"/US/video/teen-demands-million-bomb-threat-15498666","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}