Teen Comes Out as Gay at High School Assembly

New Jersey high school senior made his announcement while accepting an award for acting.
2:43 | 01/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Comes Out as Gay at High School Assembly
A high school senior in New Jersey. Choosing an award ceremony for best class actor to tell 300 fellow students and administrators something he had only recently told his own parents he said he was an actor on so many levels this coming out all the buzz -- Parsippany high school. Closures -- -- live off. At the campus with the story -- The bill it has adrenaline pumping his heart beating fast it took just two minutes. In front of 300 of his classmates -- a packed auditorium -- Parsippany high school for -- Rudolph to take a huge step forward not only himself. But he says for others in similar situations. 142000. Concern there. More than a 100000 of those hits overnight alone -- Rudolph was accepting an award in front of 300 of -- Parsippany high school classmates for being the best actor in his class. But he decided to finally stop back to. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rather than come out is -- -- use the term LG BT lesbian gay bisexual transgender. A term he feels as more inclusive. I knew that I was reading words by as far as comprehending them in my own mind after -- and that is. Who's very surreal. As you can hear his admission his honesty was received well. We couldn't be more proud of more thrilled to have them exactly the way he is. Jacob's parents have known for about two years about his sexual orientation but found out only two hours before his speech. That he was gonna tell the whole world at first they thought it would just be easier for -- if he didn't go public. Distant one and want to stress and and aggravation -- Issues clouding his mind right now but. -- the opportunity came that is -- that it was the right time to do it. And boy did he. With the support of his parents his friends. And most everyone in his school without that support is extremely difficult to overcome the other societal pressures that will bombard you. To fit the mold of the straight guy who loved sports and is all masculine and it really can't be like them. Jacob tells -- when he saw most of the auditorium give him a standing ovation -- nearly took his breath away he says he's been inspired by. Others other classmates and other celebrities who have a come out before -- and now he says if he can be an inspiration to anyone struggling to do the same. That's just -- with -- For now -- alive in Parsippany -- -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18307744,"title":"Teen Comes Out as Gay at High School Assembly","duration":"2:43","description":"New Jersey high school senior made his announcement while accepting an award for acting.","url":"/US/video/teen-gay-high-school-assembly-18307744","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}