Teen Kills Herself After Being Bullied: Family

Eden Wormer, 14, hung herself reportedly after years of bullying by classmates.
1:23 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Teen Kills Herself After Being Bullied: Family
My men that found her yesterday. Roger warmer says her younger sister even begged her not to tell what was happening to -- the hands of a group of other eighth grade girls. Really she anchor herself that the people that picked on her and treated like -- and -- except her they killed her. They killed her they broke -- down so badly. And so emotionally that she felt like he was nothing. That she -- and life because she was nothing. But she was beautiful she was beautiful just -- -- she was on -- news. FaceBook page other kids posted their sadness and voiced her frustration over -- -- One wrote this is a wake up call for us bowling is going to end right. I have no doubt that every teacher that issue patent is questioning you know was or something -- that -- NC. So and there are greeting him at its very it's very hard for them to get through this and the trend also helped -- students. Get through it. Which -- saying had they known -- they'll -- than they were attacked her talk to whoever was involved the school district is investigating trying to sort through the rumors one is that Eden in other girls for fighting over the same boy. But even sister says it goes much deeper. Even changed her hair color went tanning got contacts instead of glasses trying to appease the girl she says. Tormented her for so long.

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{"id":15885587,"title":"Teen Kills Herself After Being Bullied: Family","duration":"1:23","description":"Eden Wormer, 14, hung herself reportedly after years of bullying by classmates.","url":"/US/video/teen-kills-herself-after-being-bullied-according-to-family-15885587","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}