Teen Shot in Face During Alleged Russian Roulette Game

Richard Usher, 18, was arraigned on attempted manslaughter charges.
1:25 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Shot in Face During Alleged Russian Roulette Game
This public road is as close as we got to the house. Even from there a woman yelled at us to leave I'm standing on a public road this neighbor was not surprised about what happened next door. A sixteen year old -- shot with the 22 caliber similar to this one figured. -- like this would happen at some point in time. They're always out there shouldn't several times a week for hours on end. Six teenagers were in the basement including the suspect eighteen year old Richie usher. Who investigators say -- provided the gun for a game of Russian roulette. That firearm was discharged. I'm by the suspect. Into the face of the victim we've discovered that this gun had been used and other horseplay incidents in prior about it. This gun rights advocates are defending the many responsible owners do you think when an incident like this happens it makes responsible gun owners like yourself look bad. Well I think it does because -- the very little. Expands over the great greater good. The owner of bullet hole firearms holds the parents responsible. He showed us locks and -- he says every one should. You close the gun inside. And you -- pentagon is inaccessible to young person. -- eighteen year old is now facing attempted manslaughter. Or more serious charges if his friend dice the guns that house. In particular would -- the safest thing for everybody involved.

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{"id":18684132,"title":"Teen Shot in Face During Alleged Russian Roulette Game","duration":"1:25","description":"Richard Usher, 18, was arraigned on attempted manslaughter charges.","url":"/US/video/teen-shot-in-face-during-alleged-russian-roulette-game-18684132","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}