Teens at Prom Dance the Wrong Night Away

Miscommunication led one California high school to hold their prom a week early.
1:57 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Teens at Prom Dance the Wrong Night Away
For me it provides for my child. And this magical moment. And it is not going to be -- to be replaced. Diana Gomez says she was at work Saturday night when she got -- frantic phone call from her daughter Selena -- yes. Telling her that even though their prom invitations stated very clearly the 27 of April. Each and every student who showed up at Santa Anita park this past Saturday was told that their prom was not scheduled for that night. We thought it was a joke. Okay that's not saying we're out front that -- got to get we're about -- gets prompt and -- get there they tell us that we have to come back Coleman come back next weekend. People at the venue rushed to come up with a plan beat. These are pictures from FaceBook I guess the ended up opening up a home should not -- kids in -- we just regular tables. I heard that there were fed chicken strips. That were cold. The first hour and thirty minutes it was just a -- -- offer music for laptop users like. Come -- really. Needless to say the school principals says he was justice done that I've been the principle here for thirteen years and never had this happen before it not -- Cabrera says they're in the process of scheduling a second problem. For May eighteenth. He says it'll be a semi formal affair at a venue much closer to home. We've already had 99 point one FM volunteered their their DJ and music for free. Four of whatever the event when women who want to have a so where lot of people stepping up to help us get through. This but students and parents. Are still very upset this -- austere. This is what they remember. There's no going back they can't make up for it is every bit -- You don't they paid for that data PLC for cancer death. And the.

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{"id":19074064,"title":"Teens at Prom Dance the Wrong Night Away","duration":"1:57","description":"Miscommunication led one California high school to hold their prom a week early.","url":"/US/video/teens-at-prom-dance-wrong-night-away-19074064","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}