Teen's Death Becomes Life-Changing Gift

Two organ recipients meet family of 16-year-old donor.
2:01 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Teen's Death Becomes Life-Changing Gift
Her name is Andrea Cleveland we all -- and a two and a half year old -- Johnson who will never meet her. There is a piece of Andrea keynotes. -- yeah. Yeah yeah. And can hurt you get on better -- pool but I hope. You have -- It's a story -- in can't forget it's the reason he's here. The reason Malia richter Camry and Corsican town that she was very caring person by her being I don't -- and it was her ideas her choice -- -- Cleveland lost her daughter in November last year. Andrea was leaving her boyfriend's house south of Platte South Dakota when her car hit loose gravel and rolls. The high school sophomore was -- heartbreaker known for that smile she had just turned. Sixteen and an afternoon to protest and Andrea. And she was. -- bring -- them and actually -- first came to us associate and mark senator places that she's a donor. Until that point injuries parents never knew about the decision their youngest child had made. But after she was -- and her friends told them it was something she was proud. She came to school personally had my very first license amendment owner of an -- she made a big deal and you don't. And now -- curious choice provides a gift of life. Efforts he gained a new liver -- a new pair of lungs. Four months after the accident they are meeting Andreas family for the first time. Injury also gave her kidneys pancreas tissue. Ice and heart out. But some -- Attitude permits. So happy that that -- living on in your child eats into your typical front. I think she's an Angel island she's my Angel she's Keegan to -- -- -- -- -- its.

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{"id":15931973,"title":"Teen's Death Becomes Life-Changing Gift","duration":"2:01","description":"Two organ recipients meet family of 16-year-old donor.","url":"/US/video/teens-death-life-changing-gift-15931973","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}